Seductive Cat Photo

I am not sure if the title is a good one. However, I feel that this photo is quite seductive. It is a little bit different as cat photos go. The black cat Mia, who loves to be petted, gives the photograph a slightly mysterious feel and the bangles and jewels remind me of gypsies and crystal ball reading!

Love cat!
Mia, mystery and palm reading…Photo copyright Giane Portal (fofurasfelinas)
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I think the hand belongs to Giane Portal but that is a big guess and no doubt I will be proved wrong. But Giane Portal is a talented cat photographer and she likes to add something extra to the shot.

The thick, chunky jewelry, dark nail varnish, large ring and Mia, the black cat, go very nicely together. That is how to create a nice cat photograph using a simple idea and available objects.

The photo has a vignette style fade off at the edges. The edges become darker. This also adds a slightly mysterious quality.

Giane’s Flickr name is ‘fofurasfelinas’. A well known name in the cat world. She lives in Brazil. South America is a continent with a growing domestic cat population; one of the fastest in the world.

Note: Black cats are one of the least popular but inherently more healthy. People associate a lot of superstition with the black cat.

“Why should a black cat be thought so widely different from all others by the foolish, unthinking and ignorant?” Harrison Weir 1889.

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