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  1. Would I sell Walter of Jozef for a million quid? Would I sell Kattaddorra for the same amount? Nah, they’re all family of course I wouldn’t. And thank goodness James didn’t sell Bob, what had the sheik in mind for a cat he knew nothing about except that he was good publicity.

  2. I wouldn’t sell either of our cats for ten million £ let alone one million, they are my sun, moon and stars.

  3. I was never homeless, but there have been some similarities in my life with regard to this story and there is no doubt that both my cats Lilly and Red saved me from a certain doom in exactly the same way. That is to say, having to take care of them and play with them really gave me so much motivation to live my life in better ways so I could always be around for them. I wouldn’t sell any of them for the world. Not a chance. I am now living life as I ‘should’ be and I go home to my cats every day. I’m always so excited to see them after a hard day at work.I even don’t take a lunch break so I can make sure to be home earlier so they are not alone andI usually spend most, if not all my free time during the week and weekend with them. Especially because I have two little ones who are growing up and it’s my job really to play with them as much as possible and ensure them a happy childhood. I can’t say adequately in words how much I love them. Alot thats for sure. Right now it’s 6am and they are grabbing at my fingers whilst i am trying to type. I usually play fetch with them before I get out of bed. I always wake up with various toys and little balls in bed with me because they bring them in anticipation of playing fetch when I wake up. When I first moved from Canada back to Europe I had some terrible habits and would waste away in my free time doing things I shouldnt. Thats all changed now and I have also never been happier. I never rally got so much purpose out of social life with people, except when I was a teenager growing up in London, which is where I also picked up a slew of bad habits. People just don’t do it for me, and I know that makes me antisocial and defintely far from the norm, but I really couldn’t care less. I have travelled all over the world for years and lived in at least 5 different places for years. In London I went to alot of good parties and so on. I don’t feel like I need those things anymore. I am bored of people because people are always concerned about their egos and upgrading their social lives. I can safely say I have been there and done that. I love my cats. Communicating with them is where its at for me. Much more exciting than a night out of drinking and goodness knows what else. It’s fair to say that people around perhaps haven’t had so much travel or social life so I don’t blame them for still having those concerns. I’m only 35 though, so I have plenty more time to enjoy my cats and a peaceful and infinitely more healthy life. Did my cats save me like they did for this chap? Well yes, they did, it’s remarkably similar, and furthermore they still are. Every day I have them, and clearly I need them and I think they need me. So it’s mutual 🙂

  4. “Mittoo the Poppat” my Alexandrine parakeet is worth more than a million dollars to me.I quote “Mittoo” since he is my most famous pet on the internet, a talking alexandrine parakeet, and has been in the family for 20 years.As for my cats, both Matahari and Matata can never ever be exchanged for money, all three of my pets, the 2 cats and the Alexandrine Parakeet are a part of my family as i live a bachelor’s lifestyle.Even my house-keeper Sabina whom i actually employed to care for my pets is now more attached to them than me as i am busy and at times leave them in the care of my house-keeper Sabina.Only pet owners and people who care for pets realize their true value in terms of providing non-committal human companionship as well as a sense of belonging.At least your pet would never betray or deceive you while the same is not very true among most of us humans. Non-petowners would call me eccentric.

    • It is funny but when the strength of a relationship between a companion animal and a person is truly tested and the person is a true animal lover, the test is always passed no matter how strong the incentive to break it. This proves that a true relationship is priceless and that good friends and family are the most valuable things we have. Companion animals are definitely family members. Thanks for the comment Rudolph. Hope you are OK.

      By the way they say that climate change is causing more storms (rain) in Bangladesh. Is your weather in Mumbai changing and becoming more severe?

      • Hi Michael,
        Mumbai has received its lowest rainfall in recent years.Strangely, it seems to be raining heavily at the fag end of the Monsoon season, very peculiar monsoon weather .Hope its not “Climate Change” effects and just the odd year of a freak Mumbai monsoon climate.

  5. I wouldn’t sell Monty for a million dollars. It would be wrong because he is a gift of God to me (or me to him– still trying to figure that one out) and I think it would be a great evil to sell him. Monty is so happy here, I just don’t believe that even a person who could pay a million dollars for him could give him as much happiness as he has here with me, because we were made for each other. It was just meant to be. Before I even caught Monty outside, when I first heard there were kittens under my porch, I had this feeling of sadness and the thought crossed my mind that “he belongs in here.” Sure, all cats need homes, but I was thinking of a specific cat, one cat who belonged in the house with me, not under the porch. God was whispering in my ear of the great gift He had for me, as if He couldn’t wait for me to find Monty.

    Besides, there are other cats like Bob who will follow you everywhere. I used to have one– a gray tabby named Tippy. If someone wants a cat like Bob he or she should search shelters until they find him. Then another cat gets a home, and the person would get a feline friend.

    • You have one of the best feline/human relationships in the United States. Gosh, Monty is a luck little man to have found you. But yes, if a one has a true relationship with a companion animal it is almost impossible to cheapen it by selling the animal. It undermines everything.

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