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Selling Healthier Cats. Promoting Cat Welfare. — 6 Comments

  1. As awful as it all sounds its probably a good thing when looking at animals as products. Luckily ‘quality’ for these products means better health otherwise it could get worse, not better.

  2. “CRAWFORD MARKET(MAHATMA JYOTIBA PHULE MARKET)” is the oldest pet market in Mumbai and also the first place in Mumbai to have had electricity in the city.”Mittoo”, India’s most famous Alexandrine Parakeet was purchased as a nestling from a pet-shop in Crawford market in 1992, today 21 1/2 years old at my residence.It was from this market that i got introduced to cats as pets in Mumbai.My first cat “Trixie” was in a pathetic condition in its cage and the owner gave it to me free of charge, a rare offer by pet market dealers.Taking the cat home and later to a vet i am proud to have given this kitten a new lease of life and it flourished in our house-hold for 12 years(1995-2007).Sadly, the pet shops in “Crawford Market” are badly maintained, the pets kept in small cages,especially the cats.The very fact that i revived a dying kitten speaks volumes of the care taken by petshops towards their living products.Agreed, all petshop owners are not in the same bracket but most pet shops in Mumbai’s “Crawford Market” treat their living wares as disposable products, a part of business losses if some of their salable pets die.On the demise of “Trixie” in 2007 i purchased “Matahari” from one of the pet-shops in “Crawford Market” paying an astronomical U.S $350 and the rest is history.To date, my cats are comparatively healthy and Matahari has been with me for 6 years while her kitten, now a tomcat named “Matata” has been with me for 4 years.Ultimately, i personally feel that “PET SHOPS” treat their living products as a commodity having no emotional attatchment to the pets they trade,strictly business deals.

    • Great photo of your very impressive Alexandrine Parakeet. They are smart birds aren’t they?

      It seems that your pet shops aren’t that much different to ours really. Ours might look a bit smarter but bottom line they still treat animals as commodities without prioritising health and welfare.

      It makes me sad to think of the cats in cages in the market. Although I have to say I think I would find the market very interesting to visit.

      You are a skilled cat and animal caretaker who can make them well again. Not everyone is like that.

      • Michael, “CRAWFORD MARKET” in Mumbai is a big tourist attraction in Mumbai(Bombay) where everything from commodities,poultry,meat, fish, vegetables, fruits and least of all pets can be purchased under one large market roof.It is very similar to your “BURROUGHS MARKET” in Central London, only difference , much dirtier with stray cats and dogs at various locations in the market, not a “First World” market scenario.A visit to Crawford market is essential to get a taste of authentic Mumbai(Bombay), the normal market place and city.

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