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Serval Quiz For Kids — 10 Comments

  1. Where did you get that upper right photo? They are both beautiful, even if the Serval looks a bit displeased at being held for the shot. Trusts her, and I’m guessing she released him/her immediately out of love, caring.

  2. It’s a very good quiz for kids in that there are explanations at the bottom for each answer, I got one wrong, I overestimated how high a serval can jump and it hinted try lower….which I think is a good way to teach kids (and adults interested in cat facts too) by another chance to guess the right one.
    I can imagine kids going back on and having another go to get them all right and that way the right answers will stick in their minds.

    • I am pleased you found it OK, Ruth. It is quite tricky doing these both from the software point of view and the questions. I agree the best thing is that kids can try again and still get points and then learn about the serval. That is the important thing for me.

  3. question 6, Michael, you little Shit! lol The answer ‘c’ was oh boy, and i love fun with this, because you know, you aren’t “posing” these questions towards children…A1 Savannah lovers! F1’s, F2’s and Servals. lol! love it!

    • Caroline what’s with the ‘little shit’ you keep on calling Michael? Maybe it’s not the same in your country but here it’s an insult and very unkind and unjustified.

      • It took me a long time to accept that phrase/name. I did not know, after finally letting it go and acclimatizing myself. I meant it a the highest honr, in the cat world. 🙁 my mistake. Truly sorry.

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