Serval cat a tame wildcat who acted like a domestic cat

Yes, this is the title of the video you can see on YouTube (new window). But I am not sure everyone sees this video in large format. When you do it transforms the experience. That is why it is here as well and linked to from the other pages.

This cat was charming. I picked him up and through no fault of his, he scratched me on the neck. I was very proud of that scratch although it went away very quickly. I then put him down because I felt he didn’t want, at that time, to be picked up. But he is OK with being picked up – no problems. You can see by the way he plays with Helmi Flick as if he is a domestic cat that he is fully socialized.

Some people, indeed a lot of Serval owners declaw them. This must be an absolute NO. Please don’t ever consider this. Just make sure the Serval is like this boy – Serval cat a tame wildcat that acted like a domestic cat.

From Serval cat a tame wildcat that acted like a domestic cat to Savannah Cats

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