Shelter Vets And Managers Aren’t Always Animal Friendly

By Harvey Harrison

Sorry I don’t have all that much time for a proper article. In reference to the recent article about animal shelters hiring the right people, I can just add that it’s not only hired people who should be screened for their suitability and attitude towards animals.

At that Animal shelter in Costa Rica I referred to (see comment below) it was abundantly clear that both the proprietor and veterinarian/co-proprietor were both sadistic animal haters.

This is my comment on the Humane Society Kill Cat. Pros and Cons page:

Seems like some animal shelters take great delight in killing cats and dogs. They don’t waste a minute to get on with that job. Speed is essential before the owner turns up. Possibly these shelter harbour people with a blood lust which they can satisfy in this way without any risk to themselves. I have seen that at the Animal Shelter in Los Angeles de Heredia, Costa Rica.

I have seen the manic look in the eye of the Vet when the decision was made to operate for any reason. That shelter had a reputation for a near 50% death rate from operations and all kittens taken their died from panleucopenia, calici, etc. All they needed to do was clean the whole cat and kitten enclosures with anti-viral preparations like Virkon or a quaternary ammonium disinfectant, but they said that stuff is bad for the cats!!

Cats and kittens were usually in good shape when they arrived, at least they were alive, but within a few days they were dead. That went on for years and nobody did anything about it especially the authorities. But finally they ended up blaming each other and tearing each-other apart when the press got wind of it and published details of the mass burial sites which heavy rains had uncovered washing hundreds corpses into a nearby village.

This is the only rational explanation as to why those killings and malpractice were allowed to go on unchecked for many years. They themselves were behind it. They would be happy that all the kittens delivered to them in good faith would die because then there were no maintenance or feeding costs.

Any donations made by people dumping cats and kittens would be profit.


Does someone want to write a follow up article about their experience with service at an animal shelter? Did you think they were animal friendly people? Is yes, please say it.


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1 thought on “Shelter Vets And Managers Aren’t Always Animal Friendly”

  1. Good point Harvey and thanks for your submission. Personally, I am convinced that a segment of shelter managers and veterinarians are not animal friendly. That is a reasonable idea because a part of society is not animal friendly so some of these people will find their way into the animal shelter world and charities.

    I would bet my bottom dollar that no one does assessments of character using well proven techniques when hiring shelter managers or vets.


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