Short Essay On Cats Are Our Best Friends

This is a short essay on Cats Are Our Best Friends written for children. If you think it is good enough you are free to use it in any way that you wish.

Cats are our best friends
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Best Friends. Photo by kellynphillong

You know who your true friends are. A friend is always there for you. A best friend doesn’t find a reason why he can’t be with you when you feel you need someone to talk to.┬áThe domestic cat is the most reliable companion you can have. They are always there for you. I think I am describing my cat.

A cat will never argue with you. A cat never moans about anything. He will come to you for warmth. And when he comes to you for warmth, he warms you too.

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When he sits next to you and washes himself you feel his body moving gently against yours. You were tense and now you are relaxed. What friend can do that for you without even asking?

You stroke him to thank him for making you feel better. He starts to purr. You feel the vibrations of his purr against your hand. The soft melodious sound of his purr lulls you into a quiet calmness. You feel happier. You forget your worries. Both you and your cat are content. You are best friends. All this happened without a word being said. That is why a cat is your best friend.

A cat looks after himself. He cleans himself daily. When he comes to you and you kiss him on his forehead you smell his freshly groomed fur and you feel good.

Your best friend, your cat, only asks that you feed him. He looks up and meows. He makes no other demands on you. Of course you give much more in return for his friendship. You take care of him and make sure he is safe. The support that you give each other creates a close bond. When you are away you sometimes think of him. When you come home he is waiting for you. Sometimes your cat will be just behind the front door because he will be anxious to see you again. That is the sign of a best friend.

On a cold winter’s night your best friend will keep you warm. He’ll come to you and lie next to you. You’ll be as warm as toast. He’ll be warm too. Isn’t that what friendship is all about?

You’ll never have a argument with your cat. How many arguments do you have with people who you know or who are in your family? They happen all the time. Humans can be annoying. They disagree with you. Even a friend or member of your family can be dishonest with you. Cats are always honest. What you see is what you get. They wear their heart on their sleeve and you will always know where you stand with your best friend, your cat.

Your cat is your best friend because he is always there, he is predictable and reliable, he keeps you warm, makes you happy and calms you down. He asks for next to nothing in return. All you have to do is love him.

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