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Should a Manx cat have hind legs much longer than forelegs? — 6 Comments

  1. “COPYCAT BREEDING” ? The “Manx Cat” has undergone the same transformation as the “Traditional Persian Cat” over the decades resulting in a totally different looking cat of the same breed ! The “Manx Cat” with glaringly unexplainable long hind legs as photographed by professional photographer Chanan looks odd compared to the photos of the “Manx Cat” of over 100 years old.Same holds true for the “Ultra Faced Persian cat” of modern 20th century breeding and the “Traditional Persian Cat” seen in James Bond films.The Ultra long hind legs Manx cat would be a total misfit as a normal cat if left in the wild as a stray, totally unable to survive without human assistance, a ultra show cat.Sad that cat breeders have created biologically defective breeds in the pursuit of attracting people to cat shows as we humans are always fascinated by freaks, the ultra long legged Manx cat being definitely a freak of human biological engineering. I feel sad for the cats,

  2. Sorry for being so absent lately – I have so much going on at the moment – at least I get to POC in the evening before bed even if it is just for a little while, it keeps me sane and I sleep well afterwards 🙂

  3. I dont think cats should look like hot rods. Next they will let out parachutes behind them to slow down. Seems like the cat fancy has to make the cats stand out by taking the particular aspects of any breed and then breeding them to the extreme of that feature. Like the siamese cats with really long faces, the flat face persians which too flat – I guess these are all bids to some kind of weird creativity in breeding terms that not only looks all wrong (although they get their 10 points for making them stand out) but are often times unhealthy. How can this in any way be ok? The only reason they go on is because they have warped and desensitized their own perspectives and the general public don’t know any better and they see oddlooking and striking cats as a sort of suprising thing they never knew about what kind of cats are out there. All it takes is a bit of thought and research and its clear that its not right anymore. I would hope there are factions of the breeding world that are against this sort of thing. There must be alot of politics amongst breeders because of things like this. Cats are not plants. You can try and cross a tomato and a banana if you want to, or you can even just try and grow the biggest tomatoes, but you can’t behave the same way with animals. They breed featherless chickens with bigger breasts for goodness sakes – the stuff people do is incredible and so wrong. Cats are not to be treated like science projects or a winning pumpkin at the harvest fair. Its so wrong to be so rough with and manhandle nature like its some kind of toy for producing money. Leave the cats alone I say.

  4. Yes that picture is very unsettling to me!
    Deliberately breeding deformed cats is cruel, animals come perfect, no one should mess about with Nature.

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