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Siamese Cat Breeder Mishandles His Cat — 6 Comments

  1. Horrible horrible man I hope he came to a sticky end.
    I love the tiny picture of the man dangling like a mouse from the cat’s mouth lol

  2. How very cruel! A cat should never ever be carried like that, I would think that poor creature would end up with a dislocation at the very least. He obviously didn’t love his cats, only the glory they brought him at cat shows.
    I’d like to have been there and picked him up by a part of his anatomy that would cause him great pain and distress, I’m sure you know which part I mean!
    It’s cruel to even ‘scruff’ cats except in an emergency to save a life. Their weight should always be supported.
    The ignorance and cruelty of some people make me so angry!

  3. Carrying any animal like that shows huge disrespect for the animal and a lack of regard for it’s physical well being. It looks to me like it would cause injury

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