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Siamese Cat Picture Gallery — 4 Comments

  1. Very interesting. So much variation. I MUCH prefer the traditional Siamese look to the modern one. The traditional one is alot more conventional and normal domestic cat looking but I guess my taste is fairly pedestrian when it comes to cats. I like the traditional ones – I still think they are beautiful with their different types of pointing etc.

    • I am pleased you noticed the variation. I tried to do that. I like natural things and I like simple things. The traditional is the way the Siamese was and should be. The modern Siamese is a mistake and another example of human arrogance and insensitivity.

      • My fave is the one in the stockxpert image – it looks like a typical pointed moggy from the side profile although with a slightly curved ‘ski-jump’ nose (I dont mean that rudely) which is actually the opposite curve to the modern Siamese whose noses seem to not only be very long but convex (if the ski jump is concave). I also like pointed BSHs. There’s a similarity between a traditional Siamese and a pointed BSH I suppose. But the lovely particularity of the Siamese is those deep blue eyes. Beautiful cats.

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