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Siamese, Oriental Shorthair or Balinese? — 6 Comments

  1. I appreciate your writing about this topic. I purchased a Balinese last summer. The cost for a Balinese is higher than for a Siamese (at least at this particular breeder). But, I was under the impression that a Balinese was a long-haired Siamese. My boy has shorter hair around his head and shoulders. He has a little longer fur on the back side of his back legs. His tail is thicker than a traditional Siamese. I was concerned that the breeder really sold a hybrid or something other than a true Balinese. Of course, my boy is totally cute and sweet so no matter what his breed really is, he is a keeper. I think from your description that Balinese may come in slightly different flavors, which indicates that my little Bandit really is a (totally cute and mischievous) Balinese.

    • I think you are correct in your assessment of the fur length of the Balinese. They are probably more expensive because they are rarer than the Siamese. The key feature of the Balinese in respect of fur length (for me) is the plumed tail compared to the whippy slender tail of the Siamese. Thanks for commenting Lisa.

  2. Hi Michael, the cat on the left is exactly like my cat, Zuli. Vets here call him Lynx Point Siamese. My area has apparently had several Lynx Point breeding programs with mixed results. It is confusing but I agree that the deep blue eyes and the tabby pointing define LP Siamese. Other eye colors and usually not pointed coats are OSH. The line is pretty smudgy, however there is to me an indefinable ‘air’ about the Lynx Points that sets them apart.

  3. I really have a hard time telling all these breeds apart. I belong to a group of Facebook that has mostly these five breeds. It seems I never get them right, so I just guess. This info will help, but I wonder why we just can’t call them all Siamese. 🙂 <– joke, not serious, of course.

    • Hi Dan, I agree as you can see. I would like to see a simplification of some sort for people outside the cat fancy. Being an old fashioned type I prefer the traditional seal pointed Siamese cat. The original. 🙂

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