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  1. This is a difficult case to know how to feel about it because as you say Michael, those cats would be struggling to survive on the streets and many of them would probably die of starvation out in the cold.
    But do they have enough quality of life living in such a small space? At the very beginning of the video one cat whacks at another who got too close to him, that must happen a lot. It was a shock too to see how they are fed, just like a flock of birds really, all scrabbling to get a share, then rooting about for any odd crumbs, obviously their hunger not really satisfied. She does seem to love the cats and they look well, but how long for as she takes in more and more and she can’t afford to care for the cats she has already? What if she took ill or died? Yes someone else would have to clear up the situation she has made and the cats would be either turned out again or killed.
    It’s the same old story, all those homeless cats are down to the people who abandoned them and the cats and compassionate caring people who rescue them have to pay the price on those ignorant uncaring peoples behalf.

    • As you say Ruth it is a dilemma. No answer is the right one except to care for the domestic cat more responsibly and prevent breeding. It is sad to see frankly.

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