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  2. I assure you there is no competition between the Skinderlops and the Levkoy. Yes The Levkoy came first but the idea of the Skinderlop wasn’t created from seeing the Levkoy. In fact it’s something I thought about doing 15 years ago when I first stared breeding sphinx but wasn’t put into action until a couple years ago. The Levkoy do not use the same type of hairless cat as the Skinderlop. In fact the sphynx and the don sphynx are completely different genes. Sphynx is recessive and I believe the Don is a dominant hairless gene.

  3. ‘a cold cat war’ – lol, but also not lol. Seriously, it’s not good to look at cats in terms of marketing and products. It’s quite possible there is a sense of competition going on here between this and the Levkoy

  4. Its a pretty unattractive freakish looking animal. The eye spacing is particularly worrying. Recent studies have showed that wide eye spacing on the Contemporary Siamese is causing brain damage in cats. I have to wonder what is to be gained in breeding to these extremes.. cash and prestige I guess.. ๐Ÿ™

    • I can’t do anything but agree with you. The eye spacing is worrying. I just have doubts about the sense in breeding cats like this. I am completely in agreement with you Amanda. Although I respect other people’s opinions.

      • There are decent, responsible breeders out there who only have the cats health and best interests at heart. That’s why I got a Tonkinese. They were developed to breed out the extremes seen contemporary Burmese and Siamese, and to be a robust breed. I also have a moggy (Tuxedo from a feral mother) and a BengalxBSH (accidental breeding). I grew up with Siamese and Persians, so I try to keep an open mind on Fancy breeds.

        • Hi Amanda,

          I’m a HUGE fan of the Tonkinese. Tonks are among the very sweetest cats I’ve ever been around.

          I can tell that you are very concerned about birth defects and health issues related to extreme breeding and I applaud you for it.

          We’re all cat lovers here and Micheal writes about a wide array of cat topics. That’s why this post is here.

          Some of us ended up with an extreme breed because the cats were rescues.

          =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

          • All the regular visitors don’t like extreme breeding, I think it is fair to say. However a lot of people do like it and I have to respect their views. Extreme breeding creates a cat appearance that stands out, which is noticeable and different. A lot of people like to be noticed and have things that are different. It’s about people of course. But what about the cats?

  5. Hi Michael,

    Looks like we have a new and interesting breed of hairless cat.

    You’ve provided the perfect comparison – “The Russian equivalent would appear to be the Ukrainian Levkoy Cat”.

    I’m not surprised that the archetype personality is much like the Sphynx since it is bred from a Sphynx and a Scottish Fold. It’s also not surprising that they look like a Sphynx with folded ears since that’s what they are.

    Cute kitten pictures.

    =^-^= Hairless Cat Girl =^-^=

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