Smiling Cat

A really nice photograph of a smiling cat who lives by the harbour at Anzio, Lazio, IT. The photographer says he is lonely and cute.

The photo is Copyright by Moyan Brenn – He has kindly grated permission to publish his photographs under a creative commons license. How often do you see a smiling cat ;)?

Smiling Cat

Smiling Cat

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  1. Hi all friends,
    i am Moyan the author of the pictures…I’m just writing to confirm you that the picture is not photoshopped in anyway and that the cat was really smiling when i took the shot
    Of course i think it’s just a human impression due to the shape of its lips…..anyway, 100% natural!! Cheers and greetings to all!!
    thanks for your appreciation

      • This is really strange, but I just told my mate that Shrimp is smiling right now, just look at him! (He was asleep on the couch at my feet, belly up. He was definitely smiling. Soon, very soon, I will be uploading pictures of him. 🙂 (just got my hdmicro sd mem card)

    • I almost looks photoshopped but I am 99% sure it is not judging by what the photographer says. It is unusual to see a cat smile like this. It is the opposite in some ways to the Grumpy Cat turned down mouth.

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