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Snow Leopard Den in Mongolia — 3 Comments

  1. Animal Planet had several BBC produced specials on the Snow Leopards. The first one was of a photographer and his helper filming from the next mountain range! They got that famous film of the Snow Leopard chasing an antelope of some sort up and down the mountain side. Leaping and chasing direction on a dime. It was amazing to watch. They later show the antelope got away!

    Next was the 2008 expedition you spoke of. They placed camera traps and waited to see how many Snow Leopards they could find. They found two. Towards the end of the spring they found a mother with two yearling cubs that were still with her. This was from a distance. I believe it is this type of contact and the scent left on camera traps that may have led to the lack of fear in the Snow Leopards.

    I see another special in the future! I’m very excited to see it. I was asked to name my spirit animal for an adventure game I was playing and I instantly game up with the Snow Leopard. They are such amazing creatures.

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