Sofa or Fear or Both?

The classic reason for declawing a cat is to protect the sofa from being scratched. It sounds bizarre when you say it like that but sadly it is true.

I wonder, though, if the real reason for declawing is because cat caretakers are frightened of their cat’s claws. I can understand why but if that is the main reason for declawing there should be some sort of treatment! For the person not the cat.

Cat's Claws
Now tell me. Do you like my claws?
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Cats claws are highly efficient and useful for a predator. The cat is in the premier league of the world’s predators. I believe we should admire and respect that. We should also embrace a cat’s claws as a beautiful part of the cat’s anatomy.

Do you feel your cat’s claws sometimes? Do you place your finger on your cat’s claws and let the claw push into your skin? Try it sometime. Get used to it. It should make you a little less fearful of the claw if you are a bit anxious about it.

I believe an underlying problem with the cat as a domestic animal is that it is such a quality predator. We live with a predator. It makes you think. Being domesticated means that our cat companion rarely needs to employ her predatory instincts and skills but they are there ready to be used just as if she is a small wild cat in the wild. That demands respect.

If you respect the cat and her claws and if you behave a way towards your cat that means that your cat never uses her claws against you there is no reason to be frightened of those glorious claws.

It is in our power to manage ourselves and our cat such that our cat is allowed to keep her claws.

If it is just the sofa that you are concerned about, a nice solid and large cat scratching post that is well sited coupled with some patience is the answer.

As Ruth in England so sensibly says, a cat’s claws are no big deal. Cat caretakers should be prepared to accept them, even like them, before adopting a cat.

2 thoughts on “Sofa or Fear or Both?”

  1. What puzzles me is why do people get a cat if they don’t like it that they have claws? Having a cat is not compulsory and I don’t think anyone can really love cats if they have their pet declawed. Loving an adapted cat is not the same as loving the entire cat just as he comes, which is what true cat lovers do.
    Claws should be an accepted and admired part of the cat just as whiskers are.
    Frightened of claws? Don’t ruin a cat’s life by taking them from him, don’t deprive him of the chance of a home where his claws are welcome too, just simply don’t get a cat!

    • Yes, the trouble is that arrogant and demanding humankind thinks he can have it all and that he deserves it. He wants the cake and eat it. He wants the cat without the claws. It is so sad and silly.


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