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Sofa or Fear or Both? — 2 Comments

  1. What puzzles me is why do people get a cat if they don’t like it that they have claws? Having a cat is not compulsory and I don’t think anyone can really love cats if they have their pet declawed. Loving an adapted cat is not the same as loving the entire cat just as he comes, which is what true cat lovers do.
    Claws should be an accepted and admired part of the cat just as whiskers are.
    Frightened of claws? Don’t ruin a cat’s life by taking them from him, don’t deprive him of the chance of a home where his claws are welcome too, just simply don’t get a cat!

    • Yes, the trouble is that arrogant and demanding humankind thinks he can have it all and that he deserves it. He wants the cake and eat it. He wants the cat without the claws. It is so sad and silly.

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