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Some Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats — 3 Comments

  1. My blood runs cold to read the abuse statistics and yes on top of the straightforward abuse in the USA is the legalised abuse called declawing which is done by who I assume are educated people because they trained as veterinarians.
    Education and more protection for animals is desperately needed worldwide,that’s for sure.

  2. I have always thought that animal abuse and human abuse comes due to poor education and also how much the laws against it are enforced. Those 2 factors are the deciding ones. People wouldn’t declaw cats if they were better educated, and therefore knew to look and think for themselves and not just take whatever they are told by vets or friends. Better educated people do not choose to remain ignorant even though it might make their life easier. Usually you would expect a highly educated person to think for themselves and make the right decision.

    • Yes, law enforcement is important and I think the police can do more to enforce animal welfare laws around the world. In some countries the law is simply window dressing and almost totally unenforced. Animals even domestic animals are still third class citizens.

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