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  1. lol I can just imagine Kobe blaming your sister, if he puts a face on like our boyz do when we won’t stop it raining for them.
    Monty does love his back yard doesn’t he, bless him.
    Well it’s raining here now so our two have both gone to bed, I’d better go and do a sun dance and stop it before they get up again lol

  2. That is so funny, Ruth! My sister’s cat Kobe goes out on a porch up there. She opens the window for him and he’s goes out. If it is warm and dry one day he expects it to be nice every day. So she’ll open the window to show him it is raining and she said he gets very annoyed with her– as if he is telling her to shut off the rain and bring back the sun.

    Monty sits on a chair in front of the screen door in the front and looks out. If he does go out with his harness in front he pretty much stays on the front porch and sniffs around. He needs to get some sniffs out there, but he is not very comfortable with it. He really prefers his back yard.

  3. Monty had his little stroll around the garden too, but it is very cold out again today and wet besides. I came out to check on him and he burst out of his hiding place among some plants and scolded me. Do your boys seem to think you can control the weather like you control the thermostat in the house, Ruth? I think Monty believes I can make it stop raining and get warmer out there, but I’m just being stubborn and won’t do it for him.

    • Yes Ruth our boyz think we can control the weather. If it’s raining, when they go to the usual window they use to go out and we open it, they take one look at the rain and make for the door at the front of the house. Sorry it’s raining out there too boyz. So they go to the door at the back of the house lol and when they see it’s raining that way too we get the black looks and Jozef can even sigh like a human.
      But by they then accept it’s raining everywhere so they go out the back door because they have shelters in the garden.
      It’s amazing how these 2 cats teach each other things. Walter is very intelligent. When the window catch broke he knew immediately to come and go by the door, where as Jozef sat by the window looking at us a few times until Walt told him it was broken and after that he knew to use the door until we got the window catch fixed.
      Yet Jo is always first to know we are coming home, we walked down the back the other day and he was in the bedroom window, but he was waiting inside the front door by we walked round.

    • Michael, that is how cats help! I guess I’m lucky that Monty will help by watching or performing a similar activity to what I am doing nearby. He’s not above sitting on top of the book I’m looking at if I have a book open on a desk, or sitting right where I am trying to write, or pouncing on my pen as I write…

    • Every moment they choose to spend with us ‘helping’ or ‘hindering’ is a great honour!
      Walt and Jo have gone for their last stroll around the garden before bedtime, they’ll be back soon for their suppers.

  4. Thanks Ruth, our boyz are our sun, moon and stars 🙂 and only our PoC family could understand what I mean.

  5. Monty loves to help me. He is happy to do whatever I want to do, for the most part. If I’m digging through drawers, cleaning out closets or filing papers, he will come and crawl around in little corners he never goes into, jump up onto different heights, sniff every corner– it’s like he is imitating me. When I recently dug out some old teaching materials for my tutoring kids to use it’s like Monty also was looking for things, finding new scents in every nook and cranny of the house. If our neighbor is gardening he come right up to the fence and watches her through the gaps in the fence. There is nothing he loves more than humans doing something. But if I want to rest quietly, like now before I go to work, he’ll do that with me. He was lonely yesterday since I worked all day. He asked to sleep under the bed, but right up by me, not on the pillow I put under there for him toward the foot of the bed. The feral part of him still needs to be under cover to sleep at night, but the part of him who is my cat companion wanted to sleep as close to me as possible.

  6. Thanks Michael, Jozef was almost called Zorro lol someone suggested that name because of his mask.
    Yes they are 2 happy boyz who love their freedom but love coming home too and we feel honoured that they do love to spend time with us as well as doing outdoor things cats enjoy doing.

  7. I think Jozef is adorable. He has a cute looking Zorro mask face. And Walter shows how pleasant his home is – totally zonked and relaxed on the earth. I love to see that even if he needs a dusting afterwards.

  8. Great photos Ruth,I love reading of your boys adventures lol
    I laughed at Jozef’s face next to the disliked biscuits,he does look to be saying YUCK.
    I usually have a cat or three helping me with the chores and they help the kids with their homework too lol
    Happy ailurophile families we all are here 🙂

  9. Bigfoot hates housework. Especially when the vacuume is turned on. The frown on his face is makes his feelings palpable! He is a prince, and I am his servant. Marvin on the other hand, loves to be involved with anything I’m doing. He talks loudly almost constantly and is curious and energetic about anything going on in the house. But when he is done, he is done. He demands to be let out, but never without a head butt goodbye.

    I really believe it is in the cats natural temperament to be a comforting creature. Leaning their body against you while they sleep is a fine showing of affection, friendship and devotion. There is nothing like it. Even old Marvin cuddles on the couch now. He is a hunk of orange love that boy is.

  10. Our boyz are equally as friendly with us but I suppose just like us they have some things they would rather do than other things.
    Like Charlie,Jo comes up the bed to me when I pat it too and I love it when he leans his weight against me while he has a wash, sometimes he props his leg on me and I love the feeling of how much he loves me and trusts me and wants to be with me. I feel honoured in fact.
    As Walter sleeps with Barbara and sits on her in her armchair I don’t have as much close connection time with him as she does, but when she’s at work he will sit by me here at my computer, on his high stool and reach a gentle paw out to prove he loves me too.
    No Woody woudn’t understand and how sad for him that he is missing out on the unconditional love our cats give us when they know we love them so much and that they can trust us.

      • lol you and Charlie are a good match then.
        Walter is funny, he waits while we put the saucer of food down, his head getting lower until we slide it right under his nose lol Even inches away he sits and waits until we put it nearer.
        He has us well trained! 🙂

  11. This is a very interesting subject. I wish I had thought of it. There is a lot to discuss. Are some cats more friendly than others, for example?

    All I know, for sure, is that Charlie does not help in the kitchen probably because I don’t cook 😉 Well, I do a bit.

    He does help me snooze and feel nice and relaxed. He rests against me when I am in bed working. He washes himself and I love that. It puts me to sleep and makes me feel good. It is the gentle pressure from him. I don’t think he realises that I like it.

    He comes to me when I tap the bed. He comes right up to my head and turns around and plonks himself half on me when I am lying in bed. I love this and I cuddle him and we are together, supporting each other emotionally.

    That is a cat helping a person feel better. You can’t ask for more.

    Someone like Woody wouldn’t understand this. He would think I was anthropomorphizing my cat. I am not. I just like my cat near to me because it makes me feel good. It is a very simply arrangement and emotion and I don’t analyse it.

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