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Some Kays Hill ‘GINGERS’ – Past and Present — 89 Comments

  1. Just had to add this photo of 2 more gingers, Chester the kitten yobs tried to drown in oil, with his friend George

  2. Sorry for the delay in the promised next article, Leanne hasn’t had time to sort out any photos yet, we hope to have the next colour here soon.

  3. Good grief Ginger kitties everywhere!! Beautiful each and everyone of them! My first cat Timmy was Ginger and apart from Scruffy who we had from a rescue (sadly got savaged by a Greyhound) we have had no other Ginger cats because its just happened that way but I do love them!

  4. Leanne has asked me to post this photo
    lol I LOVE it!
    She says ‘It’s a close up, of a ginger kitten meowing directly into the camera. He was 1 we rehomed after our ‘kitten’ day a couple of years ago when we had about 50 kittens in! he was going off to his new home and Cath wanted to take a photo of him with his new mam and it came out so funny looking’

    • Oh I love this photo I am downloading it for a desktop image if I ever manage to remove Red. This picture is wonderful. This little kitten knows exactly what he wants and doesn’t want which is alot better than most humans including myself at times πŸ™‚

      • i thought i’d sent this one to ruth along with the others but must have overlooked it, i do get very confused at times!! just thought about it again and it had to go on. he was such a lovely, crazy little thing, his family fell for him as soon as they saw him.

  5. I vote for black cats next because they need some publicity to show that they are equally as beautiful as any other colour and not ‘witches cats’ or ‘unlucky cats’ at all.
    But whichever colour you decide to send next Leanne I’ll love to set out for you and hope everyone joins in again and posts their own cats and cats they know of that colour too.

  6. This is Omar- I took care of him (and his house) for two weeks while the humans were off on some wild adventure. He was a rescue cat, though I don’t know his story. He kept his distance, alas.

    • This is a great idea Leanne – I’m sure when the next one comes we’ll be adding pictures again. Its nice to see the cats in each other’s lives. This article has been a perfect excuse to share πŸ™‚

      • yes when i thought it might be a good idea for a page on poc i didnt think about people adding their own pics to it. i’m so glad they have, as you say, a great excuse for sharing. its lovely seeing all these beautiful cats. when it comes to b/w cats we may have to have extra pages!! i have been looking through b/w pics and there are dozens (possibly 100’s!!)prepare for the onslaught ruth, that is going to be a hell of an email. lol

        • I can’t wait – I love black and white cats (I love all cats but anyway…) – I find black and white cats looks are very strongly affected by their patterns because of the contrast between black and white. If you look and Jo and Walt they look like caped avengers or batman’s minions – if you look at my Gigi she looks like a little panda bear or something but where the colour lands affects the whole appearance and shape of the cat. Can’t wait til we do that one. Don’t take that as pressure or anything though, I’m sure you are busy πŸ™‚

  7. we hoped everyone would like the idea and it seems to have gone down well. ruth you will be getting a consignment of photos fairly soon!! now, i need to ask, what colour is next? votes please

  8. A gallery of gingers what a great idea and what absolutely beautiful cats they all are.
    Great idea to go through all the colours,thanks Leanne and Ruth and everyone posting their own gingers too.

      • He was wonderful Marc, thank you, you understand ginger cats I know, and each one is absolutely different and unique. Felix used to sleep in my arms and when he decided it was morning he used to insert a claw into my nose and prod at the lining of my nostril, abuse that didn’t show but by gum it worked he only had to do it the once and I was wide awake LOL.

      • I think this picture was last winter. She is wearing her summe coat right now which shows her age. But she is doing well. I love her. She still is in complete control of her range. Here is a more recent photo.

    • She is beautiful – so many beautiful cats. She looks wonderful and healthy. She has a nice look in her eyes. Thanks for sharing Dorothy!

      • Marc is this Red? If so he’s beautiful an absolutely stunning kitten. He looks as though he has so much going on behind those beautiful eyes. I’m so sorry he’s now longer with you; he was clearly a very special boy I can totally see why you loved him so very much.

        • Thank you Leah – yes it is Red at around 3-4 months old. The ‘tall and lanky’ stage. We spent alot of time together, this photo was from one afternoon playing outside just after the summer when things were cooling down a bit. He’s realized indoors was warm and therefore interesting late at night when it was chilly πŸ™‚ He was so used to always being outside, day and night because he grew up starting in a little basket outside. I miss him most when seasons change because I remember his adventures growing up and experience each season for the first time. It’s hard not to think of him with the first cool weather, or the snowfall, or warm summer night. The outdoors was so much of his world so it’s hard not to always think of him really. Thank you for your kind words. I’m just a beginner – I’ve never lost a loved one before… I will get better πŸ™‚

  9. And Thomas who lives not far away from us, he was a wanderer until he was neutered just last year at 10 years old

      • He went missing for a few days and we helped his mother find him and advised her to have him neutered but her husband wasn’t too keen, however thankfully he agreed and it’s stopped him wandering so far away. I saw him a few weeks back contentedly sitting safe in his own garden, poor boy was probably relieved his dangerous looking for a mate far and wide, days were over.

        • Isn’t this what we do.. And then, if you are like me, you just want to put a collar on him, with a very special message. a little kitty massage, that says, “I am cared for, if you want to mistreat me? go ahead! I’d like to see you try it, bully. prrrrr…..

  10. What a lovely page, all those gorgeous ginger cats, I have a soft spot for gingers because of my first love, Felix (who also had orange eyes Marc) and I’ve known some splendid ginger boys as friends as well. I’m looking forward to the next poster with black cats. Thank you Leanne and Ruth for this. I love Dorothy’s picture too.

    • Felix was a really handsome boy, I remember you rescuing him when the people were going to drown the whole litter, we couldn’t keep them all, but they all got good homes.

  11. I’m so glad everyone likes Leanne’s idea, yes we will post the other colours in turn too.
    Meanwhile here is Murphy to add to the gingers, he was one of the abandoned cats next door to us, he is a very happy cat in his new home nowadays.

    • Gentleman Murphy, if what we were told was true he almost died as a kitten in a hot pet shop window. He’s had a sad life, so glad he now has a happy forever home.

      • He was a very shy cat but we know now that being one amongst fifteen, the quieter ones didn’t get much attention.
        We used to look after them all at one time and he was a really loving cat, he looked into our faces with such honest big eyes. We were so glad to hear he has a good home with only one more cat and is much loved now.

        • He looks like a very honest, good boy. He looks wise too. I think I am anthropomorphising again. Mind you, I believe you can write about cats like this. I do think cats have these characteristics.

  12. Beautiful page Ruth. These red cats come in such a fabulous variety don’t they. I found this cute picture yesterday that tells as good story too. Marc will enjoy it. It looks like two Marvin’s to me!

  13. yes, all but ollie, who lives on site and does her own thing. everyone else was rehomed michael.

  14. If everyone enjoys this article and photos we plan to do a page on black cats…..

    Please do, Ruth. I like these a lot because they are real cats, rescued and loved. This is very important. They are good stories (at the end of the day). I presume they all found homes.

    They are very attractive cats who look in good shape thanks to Kays Hill.

    • Yes they all look very healthy and happy, these are the ones who found luck in their lives no matter where they started. If I lived nearby I’d offer to volunteer at Kay’s hill whenever I had the chance.

  15. its our beloved Ollie sat on Barbaras shoulders, Ollie truly is a shoulder lover!! thank you Ruth for putting the poster together for me. as you know i am a complete idiot with computers so this would not have been at all possible without your kind help. i hope it brings a gingery glow to everyones day.

    • It does they are all beautiful cats I love red/orange cats. One day when I move to a place thats much nicer and more free for my cats I will find another orange boy cat. Where I am now I can’t let them beyond the balcony and for a young boy cat who is growing up this could be very frustrating. The lady cats are having a bit of trouble and I know boys need to go out more. Red used to go out for hours and Lilly for only half an hour at a time. So for now I just have girls – but I miss Red’s male energy. I can’t wait to live with an orange tabby again. They are such beautiful cats all of the ones in the poster above. Thank you for sharing, it’s so nice. I love them all, short hair, long hair, mixed with white. There is one little kitten on the laft side second picture down who has a perfect little white paw – so beautiful. My Red was all orange including his eyes. Some parts were very light but as a kitten he looked most like the kitten in the second pic down on the right side.

      I love Ollie on Barbara’s shoulders, what a sweet and fun cat he must be. I’d love to have a cat on my shoulder. Those orange tabbys are quite confident and yet laid back and relaxed at the same time. My Red used to spread himself out when he slept like a giant puffy thing, sprawled across the floor – so happy and relaxed.

      This is a great idea, I can’t wait to see the next one with black cats or whichever one is next – they will all be great. I think it’s a nice theme and way to organize the cats. You could print out the posters for your cattery wall for decoration. They are all so beautiful.

      Thank you Ruth for the kind thoughts for Red. I love this Gallery of Gingers – thank you Kay’s Hill and Ruth πŸ™‚

    • It was a pleasure to make the poster Leanne, I love designing them and it’s a change to make one of real cats instead of graphics.

  16. Ginger people, chestnut horses all have a kind of urban myth thing going on about their temperaments, though I’ve never seen anything like that about ginger cats.

    Lucy Rees in her book The Horse’s Mind talks about the myths around chestnut horses having tempestuous and “difficult” characters. She mentions research into the actual numbers of hairs per square centimetre in chestnut horses and that each hair has it’s own follicle and set of nerve endings Chestnut horses have a much greater numbers of hair per sq cm and that this fact might make a chestnut horse more sensitive to its environment. I think that humans with ginger hair may have more hairs per square centimetre too. I wonder if this applies to ginger cats?

    The ginger cats I have known have all been very laid back characters. Maybe different genes are at work in felines?

    • most of our ginger cats, if not all, have been pretty laid back characters once they have settled down. the only chestnut horse we have had is Freno who 2 weeks ago broke my finger with his shenanigans and a couple of years ago i ended up with a fractured skull. the only reason Freno is the way he is is because of ill treatment from so many people through his life. i dont know if he would have been any different if he had been a different colour, i’ve never actually thought about it.

      • Ouch Leanne. Poor Freno (and poor you too) I’ve never met a horse with a behavioural issue that hadn’t been caused by people. Some people will write off or decide an animal is a certain way just because of colour/breed/size It seems that it’s a prejudice that transcends things like level of education too. It’s shameful and it leads to many animals having an awful time. Maybe Freno was a victim of this attitude? He’s lucky to be with you, safe with people who understand why he is the way he is.

        I hope the finger heals up well.

  17. Lovely poster. There are various names for ginger cats – orange cats, yellow cats, red cats! Red tabbies and so on. They are all classy cats. Red tabbies are popular I think and they may be more likely to have a nice character but that is anecdotal.

  18. What a wonderful poster of orangey goodness. I love gingers, they are glorious and these ones are very lucky to have been at Kays Hill getting such dedicated love and care.

    I love the one on the person’s shoulder, supervising a food delivery perhaps?

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