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  1. When you are “taken on” by a cat, you accept particular duties for your brand-new feline relative. While cats are independent creatures, they likewise need people to set up an environment which is safe and healthy. You want to have a house which is safe for expedition, so your cat could satisfy its natural curiosity. Some things you do to secure your cat’s safety are common sense precations, such as keeping poisonous products locked away from your cat’s explorations. Various other safety measures are not as well known. These include keeping some human meals away from cats, keeping your cat far from harmful plants, keeping your cat indoors and ensuring your cat does not consume too much and come to be overweight.

  2. Great photos. And the fact we don’t know whos they are really demonstrates what is wrong with pinterest. Do we live in a world where nobody even wants to know who took them? I for one will search out a persons other photos on flickr or wherever having found one of their photos randomly. Well in this case its a shame not to know whos these are and if there are more. A shame for us and probably a shame for the people whos images they are too.

    • Agreed. They are great photos and hard to make. The photographers name should be below them. They should even get paid for them. The big internet companies are using people. Photography has been devalued by the internet too, in my opinion.

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