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Some Recommendations for Cat Housing Requirements — 2 Comments

  1. Our two cats never curl up together, they used to as kittens but now the closest they sleep for their daytime nap is Walter in the armchair and Jozef on the couch.
    Walter shares Barbara’s bedroom and bed Jozef shares mine, but they do go into each other’s rooms, although rarely on our/each others bed.
    Each has a cat basket on top of the wardrobes and a cat bed under our desks by the radiators.
    They’ve so many scratching pads I often fall over them lol
    We are very lucky in that this is a cat friendly neighbourhood with high fences and trees and hunting ground, all the things cats love. Then their own catnasium and sun roof in the garden.
    I wish every cat could have the outdoor facilities ours do but unfortunately it’s an unfair world as it’s not safe outside in some places.
    I really feel for you Marc as you want the best for your cats, you have the sensitivity to know Gigi is a little unhappy, you know cats are free spirits and need some freedom, fresh air and sun shine if at all possible and you intend to do something to make that happen.
    Some people simply deny it and say cats were meant for indoors only, that they don’t need to go out, worse still are those who don’t provide any amusement for their cats indoors and even worse those who have them declawed because they ‘don’t need claws’
    There is so little understanding about cat welfare and needs and what makes them happy and fulfilled, cats accept their fate, they have no choice, it doesn’t mean they don’t want more, they merely accept that they can’t have it.

  2. I am having a hard time at the moment. I believe Gigi is getting a little unhappy now. I have 86 square meters of space. At the moment I have a fortress of boxes and all kinds of things for them but it still isn’t enough when I am just a little bit more busy that usual.
    I am doing everything right – they have a regular stable environment but with some excitement. I usually build a new fortress out of pillows on the bed every few days – and we change up the games we are playing. But it’s still not enough. I am going to pay a worker who knows to do a good job of it – to enclose my balcony so they can be on it in the summer and I will grow all my cat grass out there instead of inside and I will grow a ton of plants. Hopefully that will attract insects for them to chase. They still wont have the mice and birds and open space. They will sit on the inside of the bars and stare at the birds but so be it. It will never be enough until I move and they are free to go outside. I hate the fact that I got a bit more busy in the ladt month or so. Its really put a strain of everything. I haven’t even tidied up and cleaned enough because I play with them with the spare time I can get. They also prefer things messy. It’s more fun for them to have a pile of clothes in the bedroom so I think leaving it is good for them anyway.

    It’s getting tough – Gigi and Molly are coming around to being a year old. Summer is coming. I wish it wouldn’t. It breaks my heart to see the confusion on Gigi’s face when she is feeling bored. I know she is feeling confused and frustrated and without stimulation and she looks at me with her wide eyes. It’s so very sad and I wish I could do something more. I am going to try to free up more time again. I’ll give some things up so I have more time with them again. I can’t stand to cause them this unhappiness. Gigi would just love to run in the sun and grass. It’s a very seriously highly comporomising situation for all.

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