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  1. It seems to me that some pet owners really shouldn’t be pet owners at all. I am reminded of some young neighbors of ours a number of years ago. They had small children, a puppy and a kitten, and they evidently were so overwhelmed that they couldn’t begin to give anything close to proper care to their pets. The puppy ran wild, nipped at everyone’s heels, and treated the kitten like his personal chew toy. The kitten would often sneak out of the house evenings to get away from it all, and was never missed. And so it remained locked out of the house all night, and often the next day as well. On cold winter nights we felt sorry and took the kitten into our home overnight. This happened so often that the kitten attempted to take up permanent residence with us. Of course a stray tom in the neighborhood got the kitten pregnant, despite our best efforts to keep them apart. The people were nice neighbors, but as I said, they never should have had pets.

  2. It’s so very sad that so many cats are killed because they are unwanted when neutering is such an obvious and simple solution.
    Here in England Cats Protection will pay for neutering, the word covers both sexes here, spaying a female cat, castrating a male and it’s well advertised, so it’s just the fact that some people can’t be bothered to take their cat to the vets.
    They need to take responsibility.
    It’s worse for you in the USA I know, you have a far bigger problem, at least we don’t have kill shelters here, as far as I know.
    Why don’t your vets over there push neutering by advertising it with discount like they do declawing, I wonder?
    Marc I don’t think you are intolerant at all, I think you are very kind and caring and passionate and get as angry as I do about idiots who cause problems with cats then the poor cats get the blame.
    We can only keep on trying to educate those people as much as we are able to but at the end of the day some just don’t think cat welfare is worth bothering about.
    Elisa I love dogs too and know some have it as bad as cats, but I can’t get into defending them as well, it’s not that I don’t care but I haven’t the time to give them, it would take too much from my first love, cats.
    I hate the way some people shout at dogs and yank them along, but many shout impatiently at their kids too, whatever has gone wrong with this world that so many people have no kindness and patience now?

  3. I dont blame shelters although I think they should advertise the fact that they kill their animals because alot of people turn animals in thinking the shelter is going to help them get adopted. Why don’t people know about the killing in shelters? It needs to be publicised as matter of fact. This might make a small percentage of people think twice.

    Meanwhile the problem is ignorant a**holes who don’t think being responsible for another life is all that important. I hope all those idiots suffer insessant bad luck and crappy lives because they damn well deserve it. Who the hell thinks it’s normal to just take in an animal on whim and then get rid of it on another whim. Clearly people in some places think there is not consequence for their actions. Probably they do have crappy boring lives or unhappy stressful ones and they will never put two and two together because they are all ignorant twots who do just that, ignore their own ugly faces in the mirror because they are too busy staring at the tv or feeling unsatisfied and needing things to make them feel better. Consumerism in it’s most ugly form is when animals are the subjects of peoples wants and needs and yet those stupid people have absolutely no respect for them. But they have no respect for themselves do they so how can they respect eachother and animals if they can’t even stop being revolting pigs within their stagnant emotionally uninteresting lives. Somebody should give them a good slap and tell them why. I am sure they constantly get slapped but don’t even know why because they are just stoopid a**h*les who suffer massively for self absorbed selfish tendencies. They probably think ‘its just a cat’. They should be euthanised. Sorry for being intolerant. The only intolerable thing is intolerance – I don’t think I would slap them but thats because I would let myself near them. Pricks.

    Sorry Elisa. It’s too much, it’s heartbreaking that people mess with things beyond themselves. If you have a drug habit, fine, its your problem, if you have problems or habits that do you in and you work with them, fine, it’s you – BUT when you start affecting other people or animals in life then you better wake up and get serious. If you have problems DONT have children. Don’t make yourself responsible for another life unless you are going to respect it EVERY minute of every day it lives.

      • Thanks Elisa – I went and read the article. It’s interesting – the one thing it does which I like – is it informs me that there are many people out there who won’t allow this sort of thing regardless of the law. I think death threats are fantastic in this case. The law is not very helpful anyway. I hope that kid suffers being scared and having to move to another universe for the rest of his life. I hope somebody where he moves to finds out so he has to move again, and again. You get the picture 🙂 but it does make it clear that law or no law, people do not accept that kind of attitude and take it very seriously.

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