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Speciesism? Cats vs Dogs in UK — 7 Comments

  1. If you want those kinds of laws to protect cats, then you must face-up to the responsibility of being fined and convicted for letting a cat roam free. NONE of you want that kind of responsibility.

    Note: this comment has been censored because it was insulting…Michael (Admin).

    • I think Michael was saying the cat is smaller and a danger in some sense compared to an average dog so the cat doesn’t even meet the requirements of officially existing and being dealt with by law, like other animals mentioned are.

      • Yes, my suggestion (only) is that it is all about how much damage an animal can do to a car and a person. If an animal does not pose a danger it is not mentioned in legislation. Size counts. The people who draft the law are not usually like us.

    • Thanks Woody for your 5 cents,your ignorant cat and cat lover hating remarks will add up one day to a nice sum to help the very creatures you despise so it’s not US who are the idiots that’s for sure.

  2. Yes as always the cat gets a raw deal.
    we’ve campaigned for a long time without success to make it a law that running over a cat should be reported to the police and the person driving the car should ensure the cat is taken care of by a vet if alive, or scanned for a micro chip or his/her details kept by a vet, if dead.
    It’s hard to know where cats come into the scheme of things, on one hand some people say they are pets and should be kept strictly indoors, that they don’t need to go out. How come, when dogs are supposed to have access to fresh air and exercise that many cats are denied it? Cats and dogs were both domesticated to be companion animals but dogs have become much better off in that they have the best of both worlds, indoors and outdoors and are protected much more by law.
    On the other hand cats are treated like wild life by the law, just the same as someone running over a rabbit, a hedgehog, a bird, then driving on leaving their ‘road kill’ behind.
    Humans not animals have made this world a dangerous place, yet cats amongst others are paying the price!

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