Spotted Tabby Cat Photo

Not a perfect cat photo because the depth of field was insufficient to ensure that the cat’s face was pin sharp as well as the coat. However, I wanted the coat to be really sharp because this is about as good a spotted tabby cat coat as you will see. The original photo is actually much sharper and more detailed. Images have to be downscaled (detuned) for the internet so they can load at an adequate speed.

The spots are clean and you can see the agouti gene effect on the individual hair strands that creates that salt and pepper look.

Spotted Tabby Cat
High Quality Spotted Tabby Cat
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I also like the expression on this cat’s face. She is very friendly and loving. Although at first she hissed a lot. She is not my cat companion but comes daily. Charlie has graciously accepted her. If he hadn’t I wouldn’t allow her to come as it would be unfair. Things just loosened up and there is some harmony now when she and her sibling visit. You can see her sibling, a classic blotched tabby on this page.

I say she is female. She has all the characteristics personality-wise of a female cat. So I’ll stick to that assessment. I have not been able to read the anatomical features adequately to confirm my assessment. It can be confusing down there when the male is castrated.

She has a very intense glaring sort of face. She is a little defensive still. I not sure how that developed. She wants to be loved and fussed around. She does more head butting than any cat I have known. She loves to deposit her scent on you, which is probably another aspect of her defensiveness and anxiety. She needs reassurance.

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7 thoughts on “Spotted Tabby Cat Photo”

  1. She does look female to me too, she is beautiful! It’s sad when people don’t appreciate their cats and they have to go elsewhere for food and attention and a bit of love.
    I wonder what happens to those cats at their home to make them so defensive? They obviously want to be friendly and trusting!

    • Ruth, I am pleased you think she looks female. She is looks so female to me. She likes me and my food 😉

      Kays Hill cats will have similar food soon for a while!

      • Yes it’s here right now and it’s good quality food that they will absolutely love.
        I think Kevin will probably call later for it after all their chores are done.

    • No! They are the cats I have mentioned before. The two tabbies I can’t resist. If a cat comes to me, I am a sucker 😉 They have awesome tabby coats. This cats looks overweight but isn’t. It is just the way she is lying down.


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