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Spotted Tabby Cat Photo — 7 Comments

  1. She does look female to me too, she is beautiful! It’s sad when people don’t appreciate their cats and they have to go elsewhere for food and attention and a bit of love.
    I wonder what happens to those cats at their home to make them so defensive? They obviously want to be friendly and trusting!

    • Ruth, I am pleased you think she looks female. She is looks so female to me. She likes me and my food 😉

      Kays Hill cats will have similar food soon for a while!

      • Yes it’s here right now and it’s good quality food that they will absolutely love.
        I think Kevin will probably call later for it after all their chores are done.

    • No! They are the cats I have mentioned before. The two tabbies I can’t resist. If a cat comes to me, I am a sucker 😉 They have awesome tabby coats. This cats looks overweight but isn’t. It is just the way she is lying down.

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