Stationmaster Cat

The Stationmaster cat has taken on some new staff and they are cats (see the video)! I’d like to revisit the famous Japanese Stationmaster cat. Who said that cats can’t be working cats? Who thinks cats just sit around, sleeping, eating and hunting etc.? This stray tortoiseshell and white cat has boosted passenger numbers by an estimated 17% in January and up by 10% over the previous 12 months (to March 2007), provided pleasure to thousands and made people smile. She is also the only female in a senior position working for this company. She was promoted to division chief-level.

Here she is on video:

For English speakers, I am sorry it is Japanese. But you can clearly get the drift and you will notice that Tama, the Stationmaster cat is a complete master because:

  1. she has improved profits for the railway company
  2. she does it by doing almost nothing (who has ever achieved that?)
  3. she has enlisted the help of other cats thereby helping her fellow brethren
  4. she has “made it big” from the ground up, starting as a feral cat
  5. she entertains etc etc.
  6. Tama has a human assistant working for her to guide visitors to see her
  7. she probably limits an audience to a few minutes, she has become so in demand
  8. she has introduced a very successful marketing strategy in which toys and other products are sold to boost profit
  9. she sends out kisses to her fans by forming a heart shape when she puts her front legs together (who said cats can’t communicate with us)

There are other benefits too numerous to mention. The big question remains this: why aren’t there more Stationmaster cats? I mean it works. And it needn’t be cats. It could be a Stationmaster dog, which might be even better. Or a ferret! I’ll tell you one thing, it would certainly brighten the lives of poor Brits going to work on crush hour trains on a dismal December day.

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Stationmaster Cat — 3 Comments

  1. I loved this article, Michael. Good to see that Sir Toby found a forever home with loving humans. And I love a cat that loves trains!

    We do need to see more cats in positions like this. I found this about Tama, another stationmaster cat:

    Catmando, the only cat to have ever led a political party:

    And finally, Stubbs, a 16 year old cat who is the honorary mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska:

  2. Very sweet, and profitable to boot. I’d like to see more cats used in imaginative ways to brighten the day for everyone.

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