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Stolen Cats: It’s a Mad Mad World — 4 Comments

  1. Wow. No, she certainly isn’t of sound mind. But it may have bee temporary insanity? I don’t know the whole story. What is her history with this horrible “Shelter?”

    The police involved? Most likely of “sound mind,” just “doing their job.”

    That’s exactly right, Michael, an “incinerator.”

    Okay, she has a history of larceny. But in a moment of clarity, maybe she was right, in viewing these cats in this “shelter” that destroys cats within three days? I can’t say they I would not take my chances, and break in to “steal” [rescue] these poor cats. But, I would have a pre-plan for adoption set up. Which, of course, would lead to doing the “right thing” and going in the so-called shelter with my comrades in arms to hold kittens/cats , to adopt those cats/kittens sentenced to the death chamber after just three days (which, blv me, seems like forever) “euthenasia”: bad news, even if they do die the first attempt!. So very cruel.

    What do you think, Michael?

    • Nice thought. She was rescuing the cats from a rescue center 😉 I am sure you are correct. This reinforces my thought that it is a mad mad world.

      It is like the bloke who broke into a jail! He preferred to be behind bars than free. Mind you British jails are holiday camps.

    • I agree Caroline. Also a good question – her history with the shelter. Maybe she wouldn’t for some reason have been allowed to adopt them through normal channels.

      The whole thing is mad from start to finish.

      “Give us back our $50 cats so we can spend $90 killing each one” – what the hell does it alll mean. I would consider doing the exact same thing.

      By the way I think it only becomes a felony if the value goes over $2000. So it must be the breaking in that made it a felnoy. She might not deserve to be thrown in jail. Poor lady will suffer there horribly and probably not be able to look after the cats she may already have.

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