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Strange Case of the Saskatchewan Serval — 8 Comments

  1. I would guess that you have an opinion which we are all entitled to. Servals make the most wonderful pets and I would not trade Jagger for anything. Yes, he is a bit of a klutz around the house and likes heights but it is all worthwhile. He gets along with the other animals in our home and is very friendly to guests that show up.

    As far as having his claws removed, there is an ongoing debate about this issue. The breeder had this done using the latest techniques prior to Jagger’s arrival. Our vets have assured us that there is very little pain involved. It is amazing how Jagger has adapted and uses his “toes” as fingers to grab things!


  2. I came across your comments and would like to clarify a few things. We knew what a serval was and what we were getting when we got Jagger. In the time since the story, he has become quite the ambassador cat visiting schools and long term care residences. He is also a regular visitor at a growing list of local businesses.
    He is going to his first wedding soon and travels very well.
    If anyone is interested in having a serval as a pet I would encourage them to really look into it. Having a serval as a member of your household is a big commitment and they take up lot of time on a daily basis (two hours walks in the park to start with)!
    My wife and I are both from farm backgrounds and have never been around another animal this unique. Playful, loving and loyal.


    • Thank you very much for visiting and commenting. I am pleased Jagger is doing OK. As far as I am aware he was declawed. This is wrong. Pure and simple.

      I guess you have realised that servals don’t make good “pets”. They are large wild animals and whatever you do they retain the wild. I would suggest that most people who adopt a serval as a pet find out that it isn’t what they thought it would be like.

      They adopt them because they fancy a large, flashy domestic cat without realising that they are getting a wild cat! Then they declaw the cat.

      This is a page about declawed wild cats.

      I have been in enclosures with tame servals, “pets” and they just don’t fit in with normal family life.

  3. So very sad, deprived of his rightful freedom and crippled by declawing, what a terrible thing to do to a beautiful animal.
    Why on earth do people feel the need to ‘own’ wild creatures!

  4. Tragic, indeed !
    We might take an animal out of the wild but we’re absolutely unable to take the wild out of the animal, sad but true. Leave wild animals where they belong.Do not try to domesticate them.
    southeast arizona (USA)

  5. This is very sad indeed – I wonder what will happen to him. I shudder to think what will happen to him actually. Very sad indeed. And so frustrating.

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