Strange Story of Savage Domestic Cat

This is a UK cat story. Do you believe it? I don’t want to insinuate that the 80 year victim of a domestic cat attack is lying or embroidering her story but I am sure that we do not have the entire story. The way she describes it and the picture of her face just doesn’t stack up for me.

The Story

Nora Scott, 80, is doing her gardening. She was wearing glasses. A neighbour’s cat, who happens to be black, wanders into her garden, jumps up to her face and attacks her. She is mauled by a domestic cat. Nora is left with two black eyes and some scratches on her face. But the scratches are not that visible in the photo which I publish here under fair use¹. There are some minor punctures. Nora says that “There was blood everywhere…” What from? Two small punctures?

Woman Attacked By Black Domestic Cat
Woman Attacked By Black Domestic Cat
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That is the story really. I am very surprised to see two black eyes as if she has been hit – punched – in the face. Could a domestic cat do this when a person is wearing glasses? And why would a cat attack a person in what Nora indicates is a totally unprovoked way? Domestic cats do not make unprovoked attacks on humans. They have to be badly provoked and any attack would be defensive. A domestic would be mad to attack a person. There is no logic to it.

Nora called the police but they won’t do anything about it. The cat’s owner has responded by apologising and has agreed to rehome her cat. Nora wants a law against dangerous cats along the lines of the Dangerous Dogs Act.

The cat has been called a “vicious moggy” by the newspaper that reports the story. Sorry, I don’t believe this story. I know I have trouble believing anything anymore! But this looks wrong to me. I suspect there is a neighbour dispute and Nora wanted to get at her neighbour and fabricated the story. That sounds harsh and may be completely incorrect in which case I would apologise but I have never heard such a fanciful story nor two black eyes being caused by an unprovoked domestic cat attack.

What do you think?


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  1. I can’t buy the cat attack story.
    If this is not a case of domestic violence, I would say that it’s a case of “falling down drunk on my face”!


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