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Strange Story of Savage Domestic Cat — 23 Comments

  1. I can’t buy the cat attack story.
    If this is not a case of domestic violence, I would say that it’s a case of “falling down drunk on my face”!

  2. In my state any call for domestic violence is an automatic arrest. Someone has to go to jail– police decide who– but an arrest is mandatory. That’s because we had those issues years ago where the police didn’t take abuse in families seriously, seeing it as a private issue, and the couple would work it out.

    • Often the police in the UK see domestic violence as a civil issue. For example as part of divorce proceedings. I think that mentality has changed somewhat but of course when violence takes place behind closed doors it is hard to get to the truth and the victim (the only viable witness) often hides the truth making prosecution difficult or impossible.

  3. She’s a victim of domestic violence and she’s covering up for the abuser. The whole cat attack story is a convenient fabrication. It has nothing to do with the cat or the neighbor who owns the cat. This woman is terrified that if she tells who attacked her he (or she) will retaliate. She’s afraid to leave the abuser, afraid to confront the facts of what’s happening to her and the terrible position she’s in– this whole story about a cat doing it lets the abuser off the hook, allows her to fantasize that, yeah, it really was the cat that did this, and so she can live in denial one more day, believing that the abuser really loves her and this will be the last time he’ll hit her, and if she just tried harder to please him, and he’s always so nice afterwards… The police need to dig into this and find out who really hit her before he (or she) kills this woman. Then the neighbor can get her cat back instead of rehoming it.

    • Good point Ruth. The police should ask some questions because it does look someone hit her. The trouble is in the UK, the police are not good at domestic violence. Actually they tend to want to bypass problems and make life easy for themselves. There I go again, complaining about the police….!

      • The police can’t help someone who won’t ask for their help, they’d probably be reported by that woman’s abuser for interfering with a domestic matter. In our own town my sister and I work closely with our local police as we run Neighbourhood Watch, it’s frustrating for them that people say ‘Oh the police won’t do anything’ Well they can’t if they don’t know about it! We are lucky to have had only good experiences with the police I suppose but it’s a shame to tar them all with the same brush, there are good and bad in all professions.

  4. Was the neighbor’s cat a tiger?!this is some nutty old woman who wants to start trouble with her neighbor,and is using this stupid excuse!the goverments are killing our dogs,,now they want to kill our cats!!

  5. Going by the comments on the newspaper web site there aren’t that many people who believe this, but yes the cat haters are enjoying it all, cats messing in their gardens etc.
    What is it with some people that they can’t just live and let live!

  6. Great yet another load of rubbish for cat haters to feed on well done Nora and the Daily Mail or whatever publication it was for relating the story without due investigation. I would NEVER give my cat up. Come on Nora fess up, what really happened????

  7. It looks to me as though she may have fallen down and bruised her eyes because she was wearing glasses, she may have dementia and thought the story was true (I’m trying to be kind) or maybe she’d had a couple of sherries or even maybe she was roughed up by someone and isn’t letting on. The neighbour’s cat is just a convenient cover story for her but how rotten to do that, I’m glad the police took no notice of her. I just think it’s sad that the cat’s owner didn’t stand by the cat and tell her to go and boil her head.

  8. According to the photograph, a pure fabricated story.A ordinary cat can’t do such terrible damage.A cat would normally scratch and run away or just bite.This looks like the lady has been punched by a human and must have made an excuse of being mauled by a cat.After all , animals can’t speak and voice their opinion.First time i have read or come across such a bizarre story.people have been mauled by “Big cats” but never in this manner by a ordinary house cat.There is a manner and a method in telling a lie and this particular narration is a bizarre lie.

  9. Amazing, when I read the story I was in disbelief. She must hate the cat and perhaps the police should rather investigate her. Could be an attempt to explain a domestic – perhaps an aggressive husband? If it’s a facelift, I would sue the surgeon, she doesn’t look any better, and at 80 years (smile)? Can I have this cat, I have nasty neighbours, perhaps the owners can ‘rent’ him/her out to get them to move.

    • LOL..your comment made me smile …I like your thought too that she may have been hit by her husband 🙂 Sorry mustn’t laugh. In fact the black eyes look very much like the consequences of being punched. It is a case of domestic violence not a cat attack. Or perhaps she just had a little bit too much to drink one evening and fell over face first. Just speculating. I think you have to because this is not a cat attack. Leave that cat alone please!

  10. I don’t for one moment believe this story, that woman looks as if she’s been punched in the face. If a cat had gone for her face she’d have put her hands up to defend her eyes and her hands and arms would have been scratched and bitten.
    No wonder the police wouldn’t do anything about the cat! But they should have been looking into who did this to her and put her up to a cover story.
    If I was that cat’s caretaker I’d not rehome my cat I’d move right away from that cat hater as quickly as possible.

  11. No way. I think she got a facelift and fabricated the bizarre story to cover up. Sorry if I’m wrong ma’am, but something is fishy.

    • That is a good idea dw. Never thought of that. It does look like she has had a bit of work around her eyes. I shouldn’t be too unkind but something is wrong and it is obvious so I don’t know why the newspaper published the story.

  12. Lol – I’d be hard pressed to give a person wearing glasses 2 black eyes myself. A cat couldn’t do it. She’s clearly a nut job and you are probably right about it being a personal matter which doesn’t involve the cat. Or she doesn’t like the cat in her garden – that could well be it. The fact that the owner offers to rehome the cat is a little shocking to me.

    • Good, I am pleased you agree. It is hard to believe things with so many half truths on the internet and in the newspapers.

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