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Stray cats: time to stop writing and to start doing — 6 Comments

  1. ”Then, one day, there would be no more journalist articles in online newspapers about unwanted cats, feral cats, stray cats and their impact on the bloody environment. The journalists would be compelled to write about people and their impact on the environment, which is where the real problem is”.

    This is truth. Such a great article, Michael!

  2. I agree, journalists should stop writing reports on cat problems and instead encourage readers to take responsibilty for their pets, to have them neutered and microchipped. To give a life long committment to their care, to not just dump them when it’s not convenient to have them around any more.
    To help physically or give financial aid to the TNR of all homeless and feral cats.
    It would take time for the situation to change that’s for sure but eventually the number of unwanted cats and feral colonies would reduce to manageable numbers.

  3. I assume you meant texting whilst driving. I agree with all of this. And yes it would take time but it would mean people having to answer to something if they choose not to comply. I also believe you shouldn’t have an animal if you can’t afford to look after it. Its a serious thing. Journalists in these sorts of areas don’t seem like the strict definition – more like reporters. Its just that they are reporting reports. They aren’t searching and uncovering. I’m sure they get paid accordingly.

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