Stray dogs and cats. I am here.

This is a beautiful video about stray, unwanted dogs in Chile. It could just as easily be about stray, unwanted cats in America or England or anywhere. 8-). Could someone try this with cats somewhere in America or China, anywhere, and make a little video and then start a revolution in the way people relate to stray animals? We put them there. We own the problem.

Please watch it to the end and you can enhance the quality of the video by using the menu bottom right (signified by a cog which shows after the video starts playing – choose 720p). Enjoy.

5 thoughts on “Stray dogs and cats. I am here.”

  1. I definitely admire the passion of those people and it’s good to draw attention to the plight of stray and unwanted dogs, but I’m not keen on the balloons, I thought it a bit humiliating for the animals having something tied to them whether they liked it or not and of course dangerous if chewed on or inhaled as well. The dogs in the video were all friendly, seemingly happy dogs, quite comfortable interacting with people in a crowd but there will also be starving, dirty, frightened dogs with their tails between their legs also needing love and care. If it had been my publicity stunt I’d have had people dressed up as dogs wearing the balloons. Please never let it happen to cats.

  2. Yes the concept is good I agree.
    It just seems sad to me that people don’t think about homeless animals and feed them, interact with them and rehome them if possible, without it being pointed out to them by something like the balloon idea.
    Too many people go around with their eyes blinkered, they don’t want to know, or they do know and feel sorry for the animals but think someone else will do something about it.
    That’s why the problem is getting worse instead of better.

  3. Sorry to be a party pooper but to be honest I found it very strange! What about when the balloons burst? The poor dogs would get a fright, supposing they bit off and swallowed the deflated balloon when no one was around, it could get stuck inside their mouth, throat, or further down.
    I would hate to see anyone tying balloons on cats, I think it would spook a cat but even if anyone managed to get one on a cat it would point out to cat haters that the cats belonged to no one and I can just imagine idiots chasing after them to burst their balloons.
    Frightening thought!

    • Good point. You are never a party pooper. Perhaps the point is that these animals should become more visible, approached in a kind way and interacted with – become community dogs and cats and then perhaps rehomed. The balloons as an idea are less than perfect. I think the concept is good and the video well made. There is a certain amount if impracticability though.

  4. Great – really great. If only one could attach balloons to cats like that but it’s just not possible and cats are sharper too πŸ™‚ …it’s amazing how friendly and gentle the dogs seem on the streets in the video. So friendly.


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