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  1. Jackson Galaxy is awesome. I don’t know if he would come and help Suki, since she is in a shelter, not in a home. But maybe this is just the case for him to help with, because without help it is unlikely she will find a home. Also, imagine the publicity for The Cat Network. Wow. That would be awesome. I just wonder if he’d come to West Allis, Wisconsin. So not a glamorous place. Not California, not New York… I just don’t know if West Allis would exactly be a ratings draw.

  2. From what I understand about cat behavior, she sounds like an ‘up-cat’. These means she needs somewhere to roost above the commotion of the area she is in. I think she feels insecure. They need Jackson Galaxy to come in a help her big time!

  3. I wondered straight away before I read far down this article, if Suki was declawed and sure enough, some cruel vet amputated her toe ends for some ignorant or uncaring person who then decided he/she didn’t want her after all.
    Poor little soul! I hope someone comes along to adopt her, someone who will understand and love her.
    Even if a cat has no obvious physical problems from being declawed, they are sure to have emotional problems, feel defenceless, lose their trust in humans.
    It sounds to me as if Suki wants to be loved but is on the defensive saying ‘I’ll hurt you first before you get chance to hurt me’
    Cats never forget and I’m sure you are right Ruth, Suki is suffering from phantom pain and mental distress and is one of many many declawed cats suffering the same way too.

  4. Suki does not have the hammer toe type contracture sometimes seen in declawed cats. Her gait, for a declawed cat, is not too bad. It’s not the same as that of an intact cat, but it’s not obviously antalgic. No limping, no suddenly pulling back a paw, quickly getting off a paw. I have not observed anything from Suki that would indicate a need for surgery. The Cat Network has a cat they are thinking about getting to Ron Gaskin in Minnesota for declaw repair surgery. The director asked me for his information again so she could contact him. If Suki needed surgery they would provide it. Only an X-ray could tell for sure, of course. What people don’t realize is that a declaw surgery can come out perfectly, not be botched, and the cat can still have lifelong issues. An amputation still happened. Phantom pain is still a possibility. Almost an inevitability. Dr. Gaskin says every declaw is botched, just some worse than others.
    Physical rehabilitation with the cool laser on her paws might help. Maybe kitty Prozac. I’m usually not for that, but it seems like declawed cats sometimes need it. I would advise consultation with a good vet who actually is willing to acknowledge declawing can cause problems, but who would also be open to other possible physiological causes of Suki’s mood swings. The cats at The Cat Network get good vet care. I would think if there were another cause it would have been found, but you never know. Personally, I think it’s phantom pain and mental distress from the declawing. If it looks like a duck…

    • What people don’t realize is that a declaw surgery can come out perfectly, not be botched, and the cat can still have lifelong issues. An amputation still happened. Phantom pain is still a possibility. Almost an inevitability.

      Good point and very true. The human, in his ignorance, does not understand this sufficiently. They understand it for humans but not for cats. Sounds familiar?

    • IT’s so sad – if I were in the area I would adopt Suki and never need a thing from her if thats what she wanted. She could live with me and do whatever she wanted and if she wanted to make friends I would try and do that with her but if she just wanted food and a bed I would do that for her and be ok with it.

      I wish I could help.

  5. I don’t know why my photo didn’t upload, Michael, but I emailed it to you just now. The photo you posted from Petfinder is her. Poor girl. I hope someone in the Midwest sees this and decides to give her a chance at a new life.

  6. Thanks for writing this. I love Suki. I love her because she needs love and I think I can heal her, make her feel good again.

    She may have pain. It may be constant making her irritable. She needs an expert declaw repair vet to check her paws out and remove any shards of bone if there are any.

    She may just be defensive. This could be for a variety of reasons one of which is a lack of fore claws. For sure she likes human company. Her behavior is like a loose cable or wire connection. It flickers on and off. There is either confusion and anxiety and/or pain that causes this.

    TLC over time and a check of her paws done properly by a sympathetic and skilled vet would fix these behavioral problems.

    Someone would get so much pleasure out of fixing the problem and a ton of reward from Suki afterwards. The person would get as much benefit from the relationship as Suki.

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