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Sunlight, Cats and Vitamin D — 4 Comments

  1. There is a theory that people living nearer the equator have almost no incidence of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) because they get more sunshine and synthesize more vitamin D. MS is very common in the area where I live. No one knows the cause. But the theory that it is from lack of sunlight seems plausible. Do people struck with MS have a history of lower exposure to sunlight? Is this disease affecting people who predominantly stay indoors? Can vitamin D supplements help? I have read articles stating that the recommended dose of vitamin D is actually way too low. Also, people are told to slather on sunscreen each and every time they go out. I don’t do that. I try to get some sun exposure when I can. But if I’m canoeing or working a fireworks show, then I buy sunblock. I think some sunlight is necessary for us. But too much is too much and those are the times you have to take steps to protect yourself.

  2. Most cats, including ours, love to lie in the sun but they also know when to move into the shade for a cooling off.
    But a long time ago we had a black and white long haired cat Bert who loved the sun so much one day he got sunstroke and we had to have the vet out urgently. After that if he was too long in his favourite sunny spot I’d put him a parasol up, to the amusement of the neighbours!
    He never did learn in all of his 17 years you can have too much of a good thing lol

    • It is strange that a cat does not know when he is overdoing the sunbathing! 🙂 My you, Persians have thick, long coats and with the black fur he probably overheated very quickly.

    • That sounds like something Monty would do. He actually is smart about the sun. It’s just bees that seem to be beyond his learning curve.

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