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Super Cat and Rug Picture — 11 Comments

  1. Millie is a beautiful cat. I wonder if she has a natural instinct to ‘hide from prey’. Not that she looks worried about it or anything. Some instinctive behaviors just surface in some cats. Like when a cat tries to bury it’s food bowl when there is nothing but tile floor around… Or covering dung.

    • These are sort of my thoughts too. There may be a bit if anxiety as she seeks a “safe place” but who knows. It is not uncommon for cats to hide under carpets. Millie may have a slightly insecure personality.

  2. Millie did this all by herself, and she always does it by herself when she gets under that rug. There is a small rug in front of the patio door, near the dining room table, and the rug is folded in half when we have meals, so it will not interfere with Ron’s chair when he gets in or out of it during meals. Sometimes Millie gets in between the halves of the folded rug, but she does that by herself, taking advantage of the opportunity created by us. She also gets under the purr pad on the bed by herself, although once in a while if she is on bed while I am making it in the morning, she will stand in the spot where it goes so I can gently set it down over her. At least 90% of the time though, she does it all by herself. We have various photos of Millie under various things. Glad you enjoyed the photos, and thank you for the compliments!

    • Millie is smart and such a nice looking cat. Thanks for telling me she makes her own little wigwam! She must like the pressure of the carpet on her back as well as the protection it provides.

    • Hi Edgar!

      Of course I loved this pic of Millie, which is why I sent it to Michael.

      But it’s great to know more details about Millie’s rug behavior. I had the same question as Michael about possibly having human help, but now that’s been clarified! Her own work!

      I find this behavior fascinating b/c it is not a behavior I’ve seen in my various cats. Tootsie in particular simply does not like being constrained in any small space. I’ve tried putting a corner of a bed cover over her, and she bolts immediately.

      btw, for others, Edgar and Ron have some wonderful cat photos on flickr, including some more from the “rug comfort” series.


  3. I’ll see if I can find the link to an Etsy store where they sell little wigwams made of rugs just like this for cats to sleep in. They got the idea to make them from a similar incident with their cat sleeping under a rug like in this photo.

    • Wow, I had no idea. Neat. Cats are useful. We can learn from our cats…. 😉 I do. Persistence pays. My cats taught me that. Do you wonder why and how I keep going turning out articles on PoC? My cat taught me 😉

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