Super Spotted Oriental Shorthair

The name is ‘Jupiter’. Good name. He – he must be male – has a refined wild cat appearance. I know you shouldn’t say that about an Oriental Shorthair. They are pure domestic cats from the Siamese stable but he has presence and the coat looks like the sort of coat you see on a wild cat but considerably more refined.

Spotted Oriental Shorthair Cat
Jupiter. Spotted Oriental Shorthair Cat. Photo copyright Helmi Flick.
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The coat is spotted tabby. Is the color cinnamon? I am not sure. A very handsome cat. Smart too. Oriental Shorthairs are said to be some of the smartest domestic cats but the testing was not very scientific. That said we know that Siamese cats are smart and express that in loud vocalisations.

The name got me thinking about the planet, Jupiter. Here is a picture of the planet. Some similarities, I reckon:

Planet Jupiter
Planet Jupiter – NASA photo in the public domain

The Oriental Shorthair has a very wide range of accepted coat types – colors and patterns. That would seem to be the purpose of creating the breed; an extension of the Modern Siamese cat without the limitations of the pointed coat. The Oriental Shorthair is named after the cat fancy word for a slender body: ‘oriental’. This is the quintessential slender cat. Early cats of this breed were less slender.

There is an Oriental Longhair too. I don’t have a picture. If you search for ‘Oriental Longhair’ on photo sites the search results throw up a pretty Oriental women with long hair.

As the fur lies close to the body this long haired cat does not look particularly long haired.

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