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SuperBug Maker Infects First USA Cat — 1 Comment

  1. I really hope what you predict doesn’t happen. I don’t know why people go for the toxoplasmosis argument so much when its so small and meaningless when put in the context of other carriers of it and ways you can get it. People are almost superstitious when it comes to cats. Yet I find a dog to be generally a much more dirty animal. I would be far more afraid to catch something from dirt brought in by a dag. Both are minimal though. People look at the possibility of a cat bringing a disease along and suddenly its all a complete disaster. Why is that? I just don’t get it. Look at Australia and what that continent has been through due to humans bringing things there. Cats are not significant on that list of animals and plants. If they would bother to go around testing rabbits and toads and goodness knows what else, maybe they would find the same NDM-1 in those animals. It just so happens that some people love cats and get them tested if they become ill. If a cat had it, then it only follows than other animals can get it. So lets hope that it doesnt become like the toxoplasmosis thing where people only focus on the cats having it and not all those animals that live in our garden and in or around our houses.

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