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Supernormal Stimulus and Cats — 2 Comments

  1. “emotional onanism” – fantastic Michael, I am going to use this word alot since I use the other more derrogatory one alot and people get a little flustered. Very nice. I agree with the article as far as I understand it. I think you are right. What are infact the features the breeders crave – those which are more human? or taddy bear like. Something. I just went to check on some kittens today and the lady was picking them up like they were little teddy bears – putting her face right in/on them and just talking loudly. Not something I can bring myself to do. They are not toys or teddy bears or human babies. I always put out my finger with my head far back and if they wish to advance and sniff my finger then I take it from there. They surely do after a certain age but the little ones that just opened their eyes don’t and I believe one should not invade their space. Alot of other things happened that bothered me – I wont go into it – but it follows the same pattern that is being pointed out in this article. That humans often wish to ‘consume’ cats as if they were small children or babies, or teddy bears that move. They will behave and do exactly as they please with little regard for the cts or kittens. I’ll mention one more thing. The white kitten is apparently chosen for a little girl as a gift. I was shocked to see a photo of the excited little 5 year old girl holding up the kitten like it was some kind of toy xmas present. The lady said ‘aw isn’t that sweet’ – and I bit my lip. I hate it. I worry about where each one goes. One of Red’s siblings disappeared – stupid reason – long story – stupid people shouldn’t have cats or animals of any kind.

    • “emotional onanism”

      I must say, I liked it too and the theory. I think it is an excellent argument. It sort of explains everything with respect to cat breeding. Big eyes are a classic baby face feature. Breeders like big ears too on the skinny cats but that is not good for children 😉

      However, round faces and small ears of the Persian makes it the most popular breed according to the CFA. The article was about overly large eyes and that is the feature that most applies to the application of emotional onanism in the cat breeding world as it makes cats look like babies.

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