The cats are in the new cattery at last!

It still isn’t finished as there will be more pens to add and then outdoor runs to add to each pen eventually, but as always, money is tight and the feeding and care of the 300+ animals has to come first.

The cats are sharing their accommodation as there are so many and the old cattery is now out of use, but they seemed to be getting along very well with their room mates and some had actually arrived together.

Like Twirl and Twix, two 11 month old sisters both relinquished pregnant. Poor little black and white Twirl had lost a rear leg too. As we admired them Twirl started to give birth, no fuss, out popped a tiny black kitten. then a bit later another black kitten. Her sister a silver tabby watched with interest, her turn soon. Twirl has a home to go to once her babies are weaned but now Leanne and Kevin have the headache of finding homes for these kittens being born, on top of all the cats and kittens already there waiting for someone to love them.

Sadly Gerty the remaining one of the 15 cats abandoned next door to us a year gone May is still there, she lost her chance of a home by having a panic attack with fright when someone chose her. At Kays Hill other unrehomable cats live free and sleep in the feral shed, but Gerty is tiny and has never been outside in the 9 years of her life. She looked content and the cats are really well cared for there but it saddens us that she has no special person to love and understand her and maybe never will.

The torrential rain causing floods here have affected Kays Hill and it’s too wet and muddy for visitors at present, so they can’t hold their once popular Open Days which help raise funds. We can only admire Kevin and Leanne and their few volunteers for all their hard work, raising funds gets more difficult as everyone is struggling for money, but they stay cheerful and turn no animal in need away and no healthy animal is killed simply because they are homeless.

How different to the USA where many animals are killed because of that, there have been a few cases lately of Rescuers in the USA being overwhelmed and people have criticised them for taking in more cats than they can cope with. How I wish instead of criticising, those people helped instead, either physically or financially, but most of all how I wish when someone takes a pet home they would realise it should be for life! The fault of overcrowded and struggling Shelters in any country, rests firmly on those irresponsible people who dump their pets in them for any flimsy excuse at all and then walk away.

Ruth AKA Kattaddorra

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  1. Sadly Kays Hill have lost another supporter, Stella, who always took cat food into Barbara’s funeral office for them. She was a lovely lady, I’m going to her funeral today.
    They lost another lovely lady supporter, Barbara Mc, not so long ago too.
    R.I.P both ladies and thank you for all you have given for cats over the years.

  2. It makes you wonder how people can be so cruel as to abandon little kittens, babies who can’t fend for themselves.
    Also it makes it much more difficult to rehome adult cats when people see sweet little kittens are needing homes too. I really don’t know how you keep on rehoming all the cats you do, I am full of admiration for all you do at Kays Hill

  3. two new kittens have been abandoned, they are now called smartie and button. little fluffy things and quite nervous, they are now living safely with our other 4 young kittens ash, pan, bounty and kit, these have all been abandoned by callous ‘owners’ too. they have now been wormed and deflead and are settling down a bit. at first they were hissing and spitting at the other kittens but now they’ve started to play together, the others have just looked a bit bewildered at these little hairy spitty things and are now happy that everyone is friendly. its lovely to watch them all play together but so sad that they ended up here under such awfully cruel circumstances. the good thing is that they are all healthy and now they are safe. none of these kittens are over 6 weeks old we don’t think. what a start!!


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