Tabby Cat Camouflage

I just took these photos. It shows the tabby coat as camouflage. I like to see the original tabby cat in nature. This hints at the wildcat ancestor. I like that. Long grass is probably one type of environment that the African/Asian wildcat – the domestic cat ancestor –  has to hide in but there are others. I just like the feel of the photos.


Cat coats tabby and tabby cat picture.




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18 thoughts on “Tabby Cat Camouflage”

  1. The 11×14″ prints, I meant. For ‘adoption?’ [Sorry, I’m not trying to be stupid; just have a very difficult time articulating.]

  2. Wish that you could move her with you. Could you print some 11×14’s and then let me figure out how to do the page to offer them for adoption?

    The brindling and the grasses are just so much to absorb. My eyes get teary, just to see that beauty on a silly laptop screen. I want to have them on my wall, b&w or colour. Michael, she/he reminds me so much of my Oliver (Muckaluck’s mom).


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