Tabby Cat: International Best Household Pet of the Year

This is Curtis, a super tabby cat. He does not belong to a cat breed. You may know that you can show moggies at cat shows. They are rather condescendingly referred to as “household pets” by the cat associations. I don’t like the word “pets. Anyway, Helmi Flick who took the picture says that…

The standard for HHP [household pet] is that the cat is in excellent condition, well groomed and shows personality. Curtis achieved the highest [honor in this category].

The highest honor is International Best Household Pet of the Year. As Helmi photographs at TICA cat shows, I presume this award was made by TICA, one of the two major cat associations based in the USA. I believe that the award was made in 2007. The photo was taken at Jersey State Cat Show, Cherry Hill, New Jersey, USA

Tabby cat champion household pet TICA

Curtis: champion household pet at TICA. He happens to be a tabby cat.

Curtis has a very confident demeanor. He is looking at the camera in a relaxed manner.

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Tabby Cat: International Best Household Pet of the Year — 4 Comments

  1. Probably the best award of all of them – the one I’d most want for my cat if I was forced into taking my cat to shows. The best moggie is infact the best cat – on some level.

  2. What a beautiful cat!
    I have always told/always tell, our cats past and present that they could win any cat show they chose to enter because they are so purr-fect, but they have always declined the offer because fame means nothing to cats.

    • Yes, Ruth, it is nice to see a moggie winning big but as you say, it is the person who is doing the winning because cat shows are entirely about people and for people.

  3. Excellent. Cat owners owning non-pedigree cats will have the pleasure of displaying their cats at “Cat shows”.More people would take to adopting shelter cats with the pleasure of also exhibiting them at ‘CAT SHOWS”. As a former dog owner i remember the days when it was a great occasion to take my dog to the “Dog show” and meet other dog owners, a fantastic days outing.Sadly, “Cat Shows’ are not held in India although a beginning has been made by the “Indian cat federation” in forming a local cat club in Bangalore and holding India’s first official cat show in Bangalore in 2013.Awaiting the same in other Indian city’s, most importantly Mumbai which has numerous cat owners.

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