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Take a Train. Go see a tiger in the wild — 4 Comments

  1. I found this article very interesting.
    How I’d love to see a tiger in the wild!
    Our late dad was in India as a soldier in WW2, I think it was there he caught malaria. I wish I’d listened more closely to his tales of his travels, sadly he died at only 55 years old.

  2. Thanks Michael, a very simplified and condensed form of my visit to “Bandhavgarh Tiger national Park” with “Mumbai travellers Tour group” , a local tour group that conducts adventure sports and wild-life tourism from Mumbai.The closest tiger national park for tourists from Mumbai is the “Tadoba National Park” situated near Nagpur.Tiger sightings are more common in this park as confirmed by a majority of tourists.”Bandhavgarh ” became World famous as it was the original home of the World’s first captured wild tiger named “Mohan” from which all the present day zoo white tigers have evolved.”National geographic” documentaries also made this park famous compared to other tiger parks in India.

    • My pleasure. I kept it pretty short and simplified because your site is about providing information for tourists whereas PoC is about cats 🙂 My experience tells me that internet surfers don’t have the patience to read much more than about 500-600 words.

      Also I knew you would add a comment or two and the link to your site allows people to read more. However, if you would like to add some words please do. You can add a comment and I’ll paste it into the article.

      I found your trip very interesting. I got the flavour of what you experienced very well and the information about the four zones in the park is useful.

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