Tallest Domestic Cat In Your Living Room

This a plain, short, video of a very beautiful domestic cat. Nothing happens. Don’t expect fireworks. The cat happens to be Guinness World Record holder but I won’t dwell on that. The cat is Magic and she walks around like any other domestic cat. You sense that she is a little bit sharper than the average domestic cat. That is not to denigrate the domestic cat.

The domestic cat is sharp but the father of the cat you see in the video is a serval, a medium-sized wild cat that lives in Africa. It shows. The hear the voice of Kathrin Stucki. She is a very nice, intelligent Swiss lady. She raised the cat you see. She lives in the home that you see. It is in Oklahoma. This cat now lives in California. Would you like to care for a cat like Magic?

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  1. Thanks for the clarification Michael, I have one book which I am sure refers to the Asiatic Fishing Cat, though that was a book published in 1982, a general cat care compendium type of book. I hope everyone who has a Savannah cat is able to provide a great environment for it. As we know, people’s definition of “great environment” can vary 😉

  2. I’ll stick my neck out and say I would care for any cat that required care to the best of my ability. It isn’t the animal’s fault that they were born and I don’t think they should be victims of prejudice or ignorance.

    Savannahs, as the Hybrid number goes up, they get further and further away from the wild behaviours that are borne of genetic trait. Some councils in the UK used to have rules regarding Savannahs, they had to be kept indoors or in secure enclosures. I don’t know if those rules still stand. I once pointed a vet friend to this site to learn about Savannahs because she had a client wanting to import one as a pet. She found the information here very useful.

    Like the Bengal, the early hybrids probably did have some wild behaviours. The Bengal, was I believe, developed to enable scientists to study FeLV, because the Asiatic Fishing Cat the breed was developed from appeared to have a natural immunity to FeLV.

    You see Bengals living as strays and integrated into feral colonies nowadays, the breed has become that common. The early, lower numbered hybrid Bengals were not really pets for the first time cat owner, they still have a reputation as highly energetic cats and some, unfortunately get dumped because of this and the owners lack of knowledge in how to provide a good environment for them.

    You see a lot of Bengals used in television commercials in the UK.

    In the USA, there is a large and growing community of Savannah fans. I’ve seen footage of them behaving just like domestic moggies, playing happily with the whole family.

    I don’t know that I agree with creating new breeds of any animal when so many don’t have a home, but I think we all have a duty to watch out for any animal that needs care.

    • Thanks Jane. The F5 Savannahs are like standard domestic cats. The cat in the video is pure half wild cat an F1 first filial. Her father was a serval. Normally these cats, the f4s and f5s have Savannah cat fathers and mothers.

      The Bengal is actually an Asian leopard cat hybrid (also called “leopard cat”). Yes, the first bengals were breed from leopard cats that were being experimented on in 1960s.

      As I responded to Marc, the video is a cold, dispassionate look at what it feels like to have a large domestic wild cat hybrid in the home. They require more input as you can expect than the average domestic cat.

  3. She is basically bored – that’s what the video says.

    I’d like to make a complaint, with all due respect, seeing just that one part of whoever’s house it is. I think cat, especially ones who must be inside and only out if on a leash, should at least live in houses with a bit going on, with stuff on the floor, with a bit of mess and clutter. You can’t have an entirely human house and expect a wild animal to live there and be stimulated. It’s bad enough that a wild animal is being forced inside to live amongst humans and I’m not saying there is no love involved, of coure there is and it may be mutual, but the house has gotta change. It’s no good. You can’t have a normal clean tidy house with not much on the walls and a bare floor with the odd cardboard box. I am guessing the rest of the house is the same without the boxes. It’s not good. Even I would go a bit daft living in a place like that. It’s depressing. The colours are depressing. I feel like it’s not right. It should be messy, dirty and there should be alot of things everywhere. My cats love things. They play with them and chase them. They love the arrival of new things. My living room floor is a mess of stuff including dried grass, bottle caps, catnip bananas and all kinds of balls and toys. Those things need to be there even if they aren’t playing with them. Just watch the video one more time and see how he is looking for something. What? Something.. anything – it’s boring there. He’s even nervous at the beginning because of the camera. This isn’t the video I’d be sharing if I were pro wild cats in the home. It doesn’t look good.

    Sorry. Beautiful cat. They all are, although perhaps not as exotic which perhaps means it should be outside.

    • Marc that struck me too, the cat looks bored and is looking around as if for something to do.
      I hope he has lots of attention and some toys in another part of the house, it does look far more tidy than ours with our cats scratching posts and pads upstairs and down and a box of toys spilling over.
      I’m very anti wild or half wild cats being confined with no freedom to express themselves, if people feel they HAVE to OWN these cats then I hope they have large enclosures they can be cats in.

    • Well said, good comment as usual. The video is a piece of video I had not used. It is nothing special, deliberately so to make it more real and less flashy. The video is not meant to be pro-wild cat hybrid. I guess you realised that. It is just a bit of video to get a feel what it is like to keep a 25+ pound wild cat hybrid.

      I agree that cats like this need a lot of input and stimulation and for that a large messy house and a large enclosure (I would think) is the only way.

    • You just made me feel better about my dismal housekeeping skills, Marc. I’m not a slob. I’m providing a more stimulating environment for Monty!

      • I feel terrible when I finally get the vacuum cleaner out – I have to clean up all the toys first and then I take away all their little dust bunnies before spreading the toys all over the place again. But it’s a little sad for a moment and I know they would rather have things around at floor level. I’m both a slob and providing for my cats – thats how I see it – I can be who I am and my cats will prefer it, which essentially is an important thing. I was never conventional in how I keep my place – I get on better in my personal space with cats. I won’t allow many humans in because they will just think I am a slob and I can’t be bothered with the judgements.

  4. No, as beautiful as Magic is give me a good old fashioned down to earth robust moggy any day, I can’t see the fascination of these hybrid cats.

    • Yes, I prefer moggies too. Much easier to live with. The big Savannah cats appeal to people who like flashy lifestyles. The King of Morocco keeps one (or more, not sure) of these cats. That sort of person is a typical client.

  5. Me neither I’d be feeling too guilty if I had a large half wild cat like that confined,why do people think it’s OK to mess with nature and create animals half domestic and half wild,it makes me feel sad for the animals on this planet that they can do that to them.

  6. No thank you I wouldn’t, because cats like that with wild in them, should be living free.
    Magic is certainly beautiful but no more so than any other cat in the world.


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