Tallest Domestic Cat In Your Living Room

This a plain, short, video of a very beautiful domestic cat. Nothing happens. Don’t expect fireworks. The cat happens to be Guinness World Record holder but I won’t dwell on that. The cat is Magic and she walks around like any other domestic cat. You sense that she is a little bit sharper than the average domestic cat. That is not to denigrate the domestic cat.

The domestic cat is sharp but the father of the cat you see in the video is a serval, a medium-sized wild cat that lives in Africa. It shows. The hear the voice of Kathrin Stucki. She is a very nice, intelligent Swiss lady. She raised the cat you see. She lives in the home that you see. It is in Oklahoma. This cat now lives in California. Would you like to care for a cat like Magic?

14 thoughts on “Tallest Domestic Cat In Your Living Room”

  1. It does seem so very sad that some people breed from wild cats to have something different in their home and meanwhile already domesticated small cats are being killed daily because there are no homes for them.
    Why can’t they leave wild cats in the wild to breed with their own kind as Nature intended?
    Like everything else in this world, it’s all wrong and very very sad.


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