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Tame Margay Cat Picture — 4 Comments

  1. Look at Siberian Tigers. The hunters are so brazen they don’t even bother to hide until after the hunt is finished. China takes a lot of rare cat’s parts for whatever purposes. They are stealing from the rest of the world. They are stealing from our progeny.

    • Yes, China drives me nuts. They do as they please and no one argues with them about it because they make the world’s goods and loan money to the rest of the world.

  2. It makes me so sad to think of these animals being hunted into extinction. It makes me feel totally helpless. I wish something could be done. Who still buys furs from such animals anyway? People with appauling taste are still out there I guess. It’s ever so depressing and hard to digest.

    • The trade in cat skins is much less now than it was but it still happens. These charming cats are seen as a source of money basically. There is little sentiment for them as creatures with whom we should share the planet. It’s just good old human nature. Humans won’t be happy until they destroy the planet. I think it is a kind of self-loathing.

      Apparently in 1984 France was the main importer of margay skins. The reported trade is very small now but what about the unreported trade? CITES is meant to protect these cats but does it? No, not really.

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