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Tardar Sauce: A Reflection of What is Wrong With Society? — 27 Comments

  1. Here are some quotes from the animal welfare act, I think the exploitation of poor ‘Grumpy Cat’ would cause concern to the RSPCA if she lived in our country:

    ‘Cats are territorial and become very attached to places. They are naturally frightened of unfamiliar places and smells’
    Do not force your cat to interact with people or animals that it does not like, and make sure it can avoid them’

    ‘Ensure that cats in your care are handled properly and are not stressed or endangered by other adults, children or animals’

    ‘Try to minimise fear and stress in your cat’s daily
    life. By doing so you will decrease its risk of
    certain illnesses’

    And off topic a bit but this is what we’ve said all along to those people who think squirting water etc at cats is acceptable, here in black and white it says punishment is not acceptable!

    ‘Never shout at or punish your cat. It will not understand and will just become more nervous or scared.
    You should only use positive reward-based training, and avoid harsh, potentially painful,training methods’

  2. Well folks I’m sorry to say I’m on a bit of a downer at the moment and poor Tardar as done nothing to lighten my spirit, neither has the ethics of the British government πŸ™ We have the bedroom tax supposedly to ease the housing crisis and to free up council properties for families; nothing wrong with that on face value until you think of all the people who were given a council property years ago because they had a family and they paid their way they made their home there and they are now being turfed out to live God knows where!!

    Next year I believe (not certain so please don’t quote me) that we are to allow 164 million Romanians and Somalis into the UK to live where if we have a housing crisis?? I don’t claim to be politically aware I just see whats in front of me and ask why the hell would the Government do this? We are an island and we are sinking!!! Somalia isn’t even in the EU πŸ™

    I’ve worked all my life yet I am living in fuel poverty and I am relying on my health holding out to keep working until I retire and until I can pay my mortgage off yet what scares me (a lot) is that if my health failed or I lost my job the government in this country would rather see me homeless living in a filthy hostel rather than pay the interest on my mortgage until I got back on my feet. Those of us that just require a little support get treated like scroungers and 2nd class citizens. It costs the local government a bloody fortune to pay for a hostel then they would have to house me as well so why not just help me stay in my own home??? They would pay housing benefit to keep someone housed but not the interest on someones mortgage I don’t get it a never will πŸ™ Rant over.

    Tardar Sauce (stupid name) Its simple – if she were my cat I would protect her, not make money from her misery only my closest friends and family would be a part of her life. Her poor excuse of a family are a disgrace parading her in front of all and sundry man handled like something in a freak show ‘hey look at her face she’s grumpy!’ This whole Tardar circus is out of control and if it were happening here in the UK I feel sure people would cry out in anger and the RSPCA would step in and her have her re-homed out of sheer distress and cruelty to the animal(because is is cruelty!!) yet in the States its accepted which I find unbearably sad.

    • Good point Leah. The last para of your comment makes me wonder if the owners of Tardar are close to breaking the law (under British law and standards).

      The Animal Welfare Act 2006 is quite clear. If Tardar is suffering because of all the handling and travelling etc. then it would be a breach of the Act.

    • Hi Dan, I know what you mean about not being able to talk sensibly about it. I typed a long email comment earlier, and then ditched it.

  3. I’ve just been looking back over the previous “Grumpy Cat” article, heck I hadn’t seen most of the comments and what a lot of nastiness and personal attacks on Michael! Some people see no wrong in exploiting Tardar (awful name) thinking this is how the owners show their love for the poor unfortunate cat. I think if they really cared for her they’d do as Michael suggested in that article and keep her safely and quietly at home without all the circus that’s sprung up around her because of her poor face. Now there is coffee, well what the hell has that to do with cats? It’s all about money I think. As for the state of the world and society, I sometimes think we’re in the final days and soon we’ll be so rotten and corrupt that something will go BANG and the animals will inherit the earth!

    • ..what a lot of nastiness and personal attacks on Michael

      Yes, I am used to it. They are all Americans. That is the other side, the people who don’t get it. A lot of people just don’t see the problem. I think it comes down to sensitivity towards animals and empathy plus education about cats.

      • The nastiness and personal attacks are probably through jealousy Micheal people who attack others are usually on the defensive because they know you are right.
        I cant think how anybody could think it’s OK to exploit a disabled cat or any cat come to that.

  4. Well I decided many years ago I would not pay a penny more to the British government which they would use to help my enemies. They haven’t got a penny from me since then. The only time they will learn the error of their ways is a one-way trip to Tyburn. I prefer to spend my money on my cats. They are noble and grateful.

  5. lol! “just give me a bloody coffee” – love it πŸ™‚

    All this proxy war funding is awful and far worse during a recession. The US needs Egypt because of Isreal and other interests in the middle east. It’s too big to give up. They won’t stop the funding. They actually like to stimulate their economy by fighting wars in other countries. I hope they accept the new moderate Iranian leader for what he is. All those republicans probably want to bomb Iran don’t they. They even like the idea of a new cold war so they can position missiles around the place. Warmongers. Horrible horrible corrupted people in government. It’s part of the job I guess. No I don’t think they will give up Egypt easily. They’d love to have a Mubarak style regime back I’m sure. It works better for them strategically. But it needs to have the face of being democratic so they don’t look like they are funding despots. Currently the USA has troops in and is fighting various wars in about 75 countries right now to greater or lesser degrees. Everybody knows this except people in the US. Thank god they are losing money in some way. Thank god there are more than one super power. They can keep eachother in check. Israel Israel Israel. When will they stop building. Thank goodness the EU has started to work against anything that goes against the 1967 line. I have never fully understood why the US will do anything for Israel. Is it because Jews own much of america? Is it because some deep government forces work for a jewish agenda? Also isn’t it ironic that the Yemenis feel they are being terrorised by the US and not by AQAP.

    Just because people have beards and different lifestyles doesn’t make them worthless and yet this is the clear message of the US. Every comment and every conversation on any forum I have read or had with people from these countries tells me one thing. They are intelligent people who know alot about what is going on and we can learn alot about our own governments from them. They have developed opinions and they are emotionally more intelligent in many cases than alot of us lazy westerners. Most of all, they know that everyone is fighting for themselves and their own people – not for international wars. They are fighting for their villages and towns. The international terrorists and wars are reserved for our western countries and for the mercinaries who go and join the battlefield with their own agendas and effect the outcomes of war.

    …..and we pay for it. Disgusting isn’t it. We pay for what we don’t even know. Power corrupts.

    ……….anyway – a grumpy cat drink is entering into the world of the absurd since coffee and cats have little to do with eachother. I wonder how much of the money made from grumpy cat goes to cat welfare. I am guessing some. I am guessing the grumpy cat PR guy makes sure to advertise some tiny bit of funding for cat welfare so everybody can feel good about it.

    Consumer society. What is it? Who knows.

    • Obama sold integrity and honesty…blah, blah.

      Don’t you think it is time for Obama to be a genuine leader and not overly politicised? He is probably paralysed by internal politics anyway.

      It is time for some integrity and doing the right thing. Playing politics all the time seems to perpetuate the problems.

      In the end the people demand the right thing.

      • I followed Obama from way back when. In the early stages of his first hint of electoral bid for president. His flim flam was completely apparent to me. I didn’t vote for him (and I didn’t vote for Hillary war-hawk either). Obama has no potential to become a genuine leader. He has no moral compass. A lot of my “liberal” friends here in the US simply cannot get to grips with my opinion of Obama. On the other hand, not everyone in the US is totally clueless about him. I’d better stop, b/c I could go on and on.

        And, yes Marc, there are actually some in the US who know about our extensive military “adventures”, and are extremely critical. Myself included.

    • They are intelligent people who know alot about what is going on and we can learn a lot about our own governments from them.

      Completely agree. The majority of Egyptians are better educated and speak better English than the majority of English. That is a wild guess but the point is made.

  6. I felt sick when I saw that there was now a Grumpy Cat Coffee, just how far will people go in exploiting animals to make money!
    I’m with you all the way about this Michael, that poor little cat deserves a better life than she has. Like all cats she doesn’t want fame, she just wants to be a cat and do what cats do.
    The world has gone totally mad with selfishness, ignorance and greed!

    • Exactly Ruth – in a nutshell.

      “cats don’t want fame” – of course they don’t. They don’t want attention either, much. It is not in keeping with the nature of a cat to generate such hype and craziness for a consumer culture.

      I’m sure she just wants her wet food, a bit of dry food and a clean letterbox and some cuddles sometimes on her terms. Nothing more, nothing less. Simple really. Thats actually what I like about cats. I can relate to it.

      • My heart aches for that little cat Marc, I hate the way she’s all over facebook and people laughing at her and now coffee, next will be coffee mugs with her face on, it’s just gone too far.

        • This is bad – what I thought was the worst and most offensive and mean thing was when she was paraded around in public for photo shoot opportunities. Now that is just wrong. It’s one thing to use her image and make videos of her completely devoid of respect but it’s another to drag her out of her home. I’m sure she doesn’t get enough peace and quiet even at home.

          ….and you know what I think the greatest irony might well be – for a cat who gets that much attention I’ll bet you nobody plays with her on her terms so she can have some fun chasing a want or whatever. Nothing is likely on her terms. I’m guessing her. It’s terribly sad either way.

          • Well said.

            she was paraded around in public for photo shoot opportunities…

            This is the worst thing about her exploitation because she was handled by hundreds of people I expect with lots of travelling inbetween. Strange places etc. Not good for a cat.

  7. Britain sends 250 million British pounds of aid to India who have just completed building their first aircraft carrier! This aid will continue until 2014 when the remainder will help buy jet planes for the carrier no doubt. Aid for what I ask? Our leaders are bunch of unpatriotic nincompoops who squeeze the British citizen of their last penny and then throw away millions to our detractors and enemies. This waste of money is only a drop in the bucket. How much do they send to Africa?

    • The British government is a failure, as has been the previous ones and look at what they have done to the country. Mess.

      Forgive me for being an old grump. There are some good things still but too many failures.

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