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  1. Tarquin has been reserved for his home today! He is living the bachelor lifestyle lol – providing all checks go well he will be off next weekend – about 15
    Minutes down the road lol

  2. Tarquin is such a bonny cat, how sad he was injured, at such a young age as well but he seems to have made a full recovery and sounds really sociable, I hope he soon gets chosen for a new happy home.

  3. Tarquin is very handsome. I hope he soon gets his forever home, it’s a shame he’s missed out on some of his kittenhood.
    He deserves lots of love and attention, I’m sure he gets lots of that at the Ark, but having a home of his own would be a happy ending to his story.

  4. Yes – somebody should be willing to play with him because it’s so important andif he has missed alot of his kittenhood then it’s really even more important. I hope it works out for him. Play is so important. He’s been through alot and sounds like he is lucky to have gotten through it pretty good. Good luck Tarquin!

    • I was the one who picked tarquin (or big t as I’ve nicknamed him) from the vets after his accident and have seen a massive change in him. His favourite toy is a feather wand which he chases everywhere and never gets bored or runs out of steam – someone also donated like a soft toy version of a dog kennel which he loves – I hide dreamy treats in it and he goes shooting inside – he really is a sweetie
      He loves children especially – and I think it’s because theyve got as much energy as him!

      • Thanks Danielle for adding some more information. He must be big as you called him “big t”. He looks very sweet-natured. I can see it in his eyes. A cat who loves children is an attractive cat. He must be well socialised.

        • He is “husky” or well built – he was kept in our office area whilst on cage rest and met every visitor – he is so affectionate – you can see him being a Childs best friend – his only downside is that he absolutely hates other cats with a passion – but as he was a stray we don’t know his history – I will let everyone know as soon as he finds his new family xx

      • My cats love those Dreamies. I have to be careful not to give them too many. I’m glad Tarquin is in good health again and has the motivation and love for life he deserves to have. Thanks for taking such good care of him Danielle. I would love to adopt him if I wasn’t so far away. He’s gorgeous too by the looks of it. I have my fingers crossed he get a fun home where he has people and/or cats to play with just like he needs.

  5. Hi Pat, we are happy to try and help in finding a home for Tarquin.

    If you have a picture please upload it using the controls below the comment box. Update: ignore this sentence! I have just found the picture 😉 You might, if you have it, add another picture in a comment.

    Thanks, Pat.

    These are Ark on the Edge details:

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