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  1. When we learned to do cranial nerve testing in Neurology for Physical Therapist Assistants, they taught us the test for the Olfactory Nerve. You blind fold the patient and hold different scents under his nose and he identifies them. Right away I thought, “Wait, I can’t do this, because I need to know the context to know what I’m smelling.” I never realized that before. And sure enough, I couldn’t tell peanut butter, from citrus, from vanilla, from coffee. I could tell if the sample was under my nose, but I couldn’t tell what it was. I have a sense of smell, so technically it’s not anosmia, which would be no sense of smell at all. But it’s so faint that usually I don’t notice smells, but if someone else does and mentions it then I can smell it too. It’s like my brain must fill in the gaps for me. Once my husband and I drove by a dead animal and at that moment I smelled something, so my brain said, “Skunk” and wow, did it ever smell like skunk. Actually, we had just driven by a pizza restaurant and the smell was garlic. But I didn’t know that, I just knew there was a smell, and as soon as I thought I knew what it was, it became that.
    I live in fear of a gas leak since I either won’t smell it at all, or I’ll think it’s something different. We did have a gas leak from the meter outside and my husband could smell it on our side of the basement. Who knows how long it was like that. Luckily he went down there, or it could have been serious. The gas company sent somebody out immediately. And when we had a partial back up in the main sewer line down there, I was not aware of it until I actually saw a puddle forming over the drain. My sister said that she thought our basement was smelling like an outhouse for awhile. I thought it was musty clothes smell from a laundry pile, so I was just constantly trying to catch up on laundry, thinking that would solve the problem. I never perceived it as a sewage odor.
    I treat my allergies and I take a decongestant every day, so it’s not like I’m stuffed up. People say food tastes different when you have a head cold, but it tastes exactly the same to me.
    Recently I’ve started taking tryptophan to increase serotonin, since it’s a natural building block of serotonin. One day about a month ago I suddenly had a sense of smell. I smelled the gas (petrol) when I was filling up the car. It was really odd, almost intrusive. I also smelled that my yogurt at breakfast was bad. I normally would not have noticed that by the smell alone, since I expected it to be ok, but sure enough, it was past the expiration date on the container.
    So now I’m wondering if chemically there is a connection to low levels of serotonin and a poor sense of smell. I know smells can cause an emotional connection that might raise serotonin levels, but do we require it to be able to have a sense of smell? Do depressed people have a lower sense of smell? But then why wouldn’t it be consistently better since I’ve been taking the tryptophan? I only had the weird “I suddenly can smell” experience that one day. But I don’t take it every day either, since you can’t take it with food or proteins in food end up crossing the blood brain barrier instead of the tryptophan. It’s like they’re fighting for seats in the same bus. My husband’s like, “How do you ever get to take that? You’re always eating.” Very funny, but kind of true. So maybe I should try to be really consistent with it and just see if I have another “I suddenly can smell” experience.
    I do think it’s a neurological issue primarily over a plugged sinuses issue. I’d love to know more about why I don’t have a normal sense of smell, and why my brain is able to compensate for that so well that until we did cranial nerve testing I didn’t realize how bad it was. I know my great grandmother had no sense of smell either, so maybe it’s genetic.
    A little off the subject, I know. But I will say this: The person with anosmia (or close to it) is the right person to have the job of scooping the litter box.

  2. Since I practically have anosmia I don’t know how good World’s Best is at controlling odors either. I used to use feline pine. It was ok, but it got tracked around a little more than World’s Best. I tried the wheat based litter and found it created more dust than wood or corn based litters.

    Yesterday I was standing in the door of Monty’s room, watching him in his litter box. He was busy trying to dig to China and I thought it was kind of cute. My husband called out, “The cat pooped!” He could smell it from the next room, but I couldn’t smell it from six feet away. Monty’s box gets scooped right away and washed out about once a week. The moment I dump out his box to wash it he suddenly starts doing the feline version of the pee-pee dance. It doesn’t matter when I do it or when he last was in there, the minute I dump his box out he has to go NOW.

    • LOL. You are the expert. What you say goes and as it happens I have similar experiences. Never heard the word “anosmia” before but presume it means loss of sense of smell. I think mine is intact – just.

      As it happens Charlie goes never learned to use a litter tray and as I live in a apartment with access to the garden he uses that so I have lost my super cat litter scooping skills.

  3. The golden rule is one litter box for each cat and one spare and to scoop any used litter out as soon as possible,thoroughly emptying the whole box at the very least once a week, washing and drying it thoroughly and putting in new litter.
    If anyone doesn’t do this there will be a smell no matter what sort of litter is used.
    Some people complain if their cats mess on the floor and call the cats dirty, well if they don’t have enough litter boxes or don’t clean them it’s not the cats fault.
    If answering any alerts on this subject I usually say how would they like to use a dirty toilet, especially one left unflushed by someone else.

    • I think you hit the nail on the head, Ruth. There are no problems with cat litter, whatever the type. The problem is ours! We don’t scoop and clean regularly enough.

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