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The Caboodle Ranch Verdict — 21 Comments

  1. We’ve passed the second inspection with flying colors. We surrendered any cats I thought would be adopted. Misty and all the others have been chosen to go to different rescues. What I’ve begged for a year is finally happened. Rescues will find them good homes. The humane society backed us up that the cats were not abused or neglected. They said usually when peta turns someone in they are. We just had a few more than we could handle. We now have 12. We just had to add a few litter boxes and do a little cleaning. Everythings working out great. I asked the animal control officer if he was sure it was peta and he said they were sure.

    • Best of luck Elisa – I hope they leave you alone soon! I am so sorry for your suffering at the hand of the true perpetrators of cruelty.

  2. Animal control told us PETA keeps calling them about us having sick and wounded cats. Animal control came out yesterday and all of the cats were determined healthy except Misty, who was elderly and declawed. They took her so she’s likely dead now. We had vet papers on Sealy. They were more concerned about where we missed a few spots cleaning up from the fire and will be back out for 2 more checks. 8 told animal control to expect the calls to continue as you’re right about someone following me too closely on Facebook. I’m staying off there awhile.

    • Elisa, just out of interest, why did they take Misty? Was it because she was elderly and declawed and if so that is not a good reason.

      Also, I thought PETA was a private organisation. What powers do they have in respect of the public? What right have they got to come around and interfere as if they are a government (public) agency?

  3. Elisa, I agree with admin. No offense to you, but you publish “everything” on your FB pages. To me it sounds like someone that follows your pages closely may be the culprit. To suggest PETA is behind this is a little far fetched.

  4. Please explain how PeTA’s involvement in the Caboodle raid, or the timing of the raid had anything to do with defeating SB818? The raid took place on 2/27. The bill died on 3/9, but not from a vote. It died due to a technicality in the bill language. Nothing else. You place so much importance on SB818 – what of the companion bill, HB597? I assume you know that in the Florida Legislature it takes two bills to pass new legislation – senate and house? Put the PeTA conspiracy aside. Wear the foil hats if it makes you feel better PeTA is not out to get everyone, just animal abusers.

  5. Elisa, I also don’t know what you mean that all this is tied into Caboodle. No disrespect but PETA could care less what you say about them. Do you know how many people talk smack about people other than you? Their agenda is saving the lives of animals, not going after people who hate them. If that was the case, they’d wouldn’t have time for anything productive.

    If PETA called animal control it’s because they received complaints. That’s how they got involved in CR – they received complaints from others and first tried to get the local authorities to resolve it. As long as your situation is resolved with your local animal control, I don’t think you have any worries going further.

    • It will be resolved with local authorities. Animal control will be out to see us at the end of this week or the first of next week. I was turned in by PETA for having a cat with a serious injury along with 2 FIV+ cats. My vet wrote a letter and made copies of all of Sealys vetting since his rescue. My cats don’t go outside and it wasn’t a neighbor complaining. The truth of it is Sealy still has a hole in his head after two operations and it may take it a long time to heal. I’ve kept his story at http://www.facebook.com/prayersforsealy

      • Elisa, have you any idea who complained? Might it be someone online who knows where you live but lives nowhere near you or do you think it is someone who lives in your area?

  6. Elisa, you remember that others and I started contacting you about 1 1/2 years ago about the poor conditions of the cats and the ranch? These were individual people who went to CR and saw images that one never wants to see. None of us had any affiliations to any major animal welfare organization. Many of us took photos and videos. You’ve seen those photos. The images that came from PETA and ASPCA are similar to what others alleged they saw and photos they took for evidence.

    PETA got involved after receiving numerous complaints about CR. They first attempted to push the local authorities to take care of the situation at CR. Since the authorities didn’t want to be bothered with it, they had no choice but to go undercover. It is absolutely unreasonable to believe that they staged the investigation to coincide with a new bill. The abuse at CR had been going on for years. It’s a shame that PETA had to ever step in and that the locals didn’t handle the situation themselves.

    The sheriff and animal control had offers from HSUS, ASPCA, U of FL Shelter Medicine Program, etc. to assist at any time. All they needed to do was call and ask. But they never had any intention to do it. They assumed that if they kept ignoring the problem, it would go away. PETA could no longer sit around and wait and cross its fingers and hope the locals would do something. They continued to receive complaints all the way up to and during their undercover investigation.

    To say that PETA had an agenda is to say that others and I had an agenda. Our only agenda has been and still is the welfare of the cats.

    • The cats who are now being “held as evidence” in a warehouse like objects or the agenda that kills MILLIONS of pets turned over to them yearly

      ASPCA has helped me so I am not so quick to pass judgement on them but PETA has an agenda – The person who went to the ranch LIED, that makes her a LIAR!

      If Craig was such a horrible person and not caring for the cats why was he allowing volunteers on the ranch to help care for them to begin with? Yes some things in life really are that obvious in that Maybe he needed the help but all PETA did was their usual doing more harm that good

      How is living in a small cage any better than living freedom? Any time you have freedom there is risk involved. Any one who actually knows thing one about cats knows feral cats are not adoptable – As a manager of a feral colony myself I have cats killed by dogs, coyotes, illness and some times injury – If I can catch them I do take them in for care but some times I can’t catch them as cats who are not hungry don;t walk into traps but then again how would any one who seeks only to kills cat know that!

      The locals dumped some of those cats on Craig themselves that is why they did not want to investigate – They already knew the cats condition. Now Craig’s own pet cats are also being held “captive”

      I think there needed to be some limitation on the amount of cats perhaps working to get a handle in things if they were so bad I can see but some of folks donated regardless of whether he adopted more cats or not so the claims that he had to take more cats in to get donations are false

  7. Lovely photos of the ranch. Caboodle Ranch, Inc. said earlier today that they were going to post photos of the shelter where the cats are currently being housed. Did they send those to you, or do you know where they can be viewed?

    • Elisa, it seems like a major conflict of interest for you to be writing about an organization that was investigated by PETA, when you claim you are currently being investigated by PETA yourself.  What is your purpose in writing this story?  Are you trying to incite a bunch of PETA bashing?

      And in your case, are you sure it’s PETA?  You never said how you know it was PETA that turned you in.  No offense, but Caboodle Ranch had 700 cats, and you’ve only got 20.  It seems like PETA has bigger fish to fry (pardon the metaphor).  You’ve written things on both sides of the Caboodle issue, so I don’t see how this could be tied in to your articles.

      • I would like to come to Elisa’s defence. The purpose for anything that Elisa writes is to find and say the truth as best as she knows how. Secondly, there may be a potential conflict of interest but not a major conflict of interest and in any event if there is a conflict of interest, Elisa is ignoring it because she should be saying nice things about PETA. The reason for Elisa writing the article is to write another one in her successful series on Caboodle Ranch. It is just an update written from a sensible point of view. I don’t think there is a hidden agenda in the article. I trust Elisa.

  8. Taking a view direct from the judgement only we have to say that justice was done and the cats protected. A judge will hear all the evidence. He or she is best placed to make the best decision that is right for the welfare of the cats. We have to conclude that the cats were not cared for adequately and to a point where the law was broken possibly (animal cruelty). The judge left the door open for a possible restart of Caboodle. I have not followed this that carefully but I would trust a judge to get this right. It is not that complicated.

  9. PeTA’s involvement with this case ended when they turned over the evidence collected to the Sheriff. The subsequent evidence was gathered during the raid, and supports every allegation that PeTA made.

    Anyone who believes this —
    — is acceptable treatment of cats is unfit to care for them.

    The cat with the infected eye was made healthy with $300 in veterinary treatment. That paltry amount was withheld by Caboodle Ranch because, in Craig Grant’s own words, “If I had to take every cat in, financially, it wouldn’t work. When I’ve done all I can do, I take them in. I know when.”

    In Craig’s “professional” opinion, this cat didn’t need to be taken to the vet. Now he’s completely blind, and faces a serious challenge to adoption thanks to Caboodle Ranch.

    “Was this all done in the best interest of the cats?” Let’s rephrase that question.

    Were this cat and hundreds like him better off with proper veterinary care?

    There’s your answer.

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