The Caboodle Ranch Verdict

The Caboodle Ranch verdict has now been made public. Caboodle Ranch received word from their attorneys on Monday, June 25, ruling against Craig Grant and Caboodle Ranch. Florida Judge Gregory Parker has ruled that the cats won’t be returning to the Madison County ranch. This has come as a shock to the more than 18,000 fans on the Caboodle Ranch, Inc. Facebook page. The pictures below are thumbnails.

As part of the verdict, Caboodle Ranch will not be able to accept cats in the future until they can prove the ranch is financially and physically prepared to care for them. If such a time comes, the injunction may be modified or terminated.

There’s information on the Caboodle Ranch verdict all over the internet. I’m pulling together some of the major references so the readers at can look into the information on their own. There’s simply too much to list in one article.

Let’s begin with an exert from the official injunction.


“……this injunction is subject to change, modification or termination, upon petition by CABOODLE. Upon receipt of such petition, the court will hold a hearing and should the evidence that CABOODLE can properly assume care of animals in a responsible manner this injunction shall be appropriately modified or terminated. See, Brinkley v. County of Flagler, 769 So.2d 468.472 (Fla. 5th DCA 2000).”

“…….The CABOODLE ANIMALS are presently under the control of the court in the CRIMINAL CASE. Therefore, the CABOODLE ANIMALS shall not be released to the SHERIFF until and unless the court, in the CRIMINAL CASE, or the State’s attorney, in the CRIMINAL CASE, authorizes such release.”

As for now, the cats must remain in custody until after Craig Grant’s criminal trial in August.

The anti-Caboodle site can be found at Here’s a short exert from the information they have published to their site. The entire document can be found online by clicking here (this is a PDF file and not a new web page).

  1. Judge Parker ordered that the animals remain in the custody of Sheriff Ben Stewart to dispose of as he sees fit. Caboodle has no further right, title, or interest in the Caboodle Animals.
  2. Caboodle is enjoined (banned) from having possession or custody of live animals going forward. However, in the future Caboodle may petition the court for changes, modifications, or termination of the injunction. Upon receipt of the petition, the court will hold a hearing and Caboodle must provide evidence that it can care for animals in a responsible manner.
  3. The Caboodle Animals shall not be released to the Sheriff until the court, in the criminal case, or State’s attorney, authorizes such release.

The judge goes into great detail explaining how he came to his decision. Our next post will feature a point by point analysis of that decision and the facts that led to it.

Those involved with the care of the cats at Caboodle Ranch believe a letter written by ASPCA Senior Director of Field Investigations Tim Richey influenced the judges decision. A copy of that letter can be found at and details of the $1.2 million spent on the 700 Caboodle Ranch cats since the raid back in February. Richey spoke with the media after the verdict was handed down.

“The Court’s decision has the best interest of the animals at heart. As the Court noted, cats at Caboodle lived in filth; many were sick and in pain; hundreds of ASPCA responders have made an extraordinary effort to care for these cats over the past four months in order to bring them back to a basic level of health. Our hope is that we will soon be able to help them find the homes, special adoption arrangements or colonies they so richly deserve.”

Stacy Wolf, Vice President of the ASPCA made a media statement stating their opinion of Caboodle Ranch.

“We are pleased that the Court so strongly affirmed what we knew to be true from our work on this case–that Caboodle has not provided adequate care for the animals in the past and is not fit to do so in the future.”

Some of the court’s findings (which I copied word for word from include:

The evidence demonstrated:

“clearly and convincingly, that the Caboodle animals were not receiving proper and reasonable care while in the custody of Caboodle.”

“Caboodle’s own veterinarian testified that the number of animals on the Caboodle property on the date of the seizure significantly exceeded the limits he had recommended. . .”


“depended upon a continuing influx of new animals for its financial survival. It is more likely than not that Caboodle would continue to fail to abide by the recommendations of its own veterinarian regarding population limitations if the animals were returned.”

“Sick animals were not adequately isolated. . .”

“. . . Caboodle is clearly and substantially lacking in the resources, ability, skill and (most importantly) willingness to follow expert veterinary advice essential to an operation dedicated to the care of such a large and apparently ever-growing number of animals it seemed intent on sheltering.”

The following criminal charges are pending against the founder of Caboodle:

  1. one count of felony animal cruelty;
  2. three counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty;
  3. and one count of scheming to defraud (felony).

I chatted online last night with Nanette Entrekin of Caboodle Ranch. Her own cats were tied up in the raid for several weeks. She told me this situation has all been based on a pack of lies and the request to have the injunction overturned is their next battle. Those who support Caboodle Ranch are still determined to bring the cats home.

Readers, what do you think of the verdict? Was justice done? Was this all done in the best interest of the cats or did the PETA investigation take place at a convenient time to defeat the Florida No-Kill Bill SB818? I welcome your comments.


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21 thoughts on “The Caboodle Ranch Verdict”

  1. We’ve passed the second inspection with flying colors. We surrendered any cats I thought would be adopted. Misty and all the others have been chosen to go to different rescues. What I’ve begged for a year is finally happened. Rescues will find them good homes. The humane society backed us up that the cats were not abused or neglected. They said usually when peta turns someone in they are. We just had a few more than we could handle. We now have 12. We just had to add a few litter boxes and do a little cleaning. Everythings working out great. I asked the animal control officer if he was sure it was peta and he said they were sure.

    • Best of luck Elisa – I hope they leave you alone soon! I am so sorry for your suffering at the hand of the true perpetrators of cruelty.

  2. Animal control told us PETA keeps calling them about us having sick and wounded cats. Animal control came out yesterday and all of the cats were determined healthy except Misty, who was elderly and declawed. They took her so she’s likely dead now. We had vet papers on Sealy. They were more concerned about where we missed a few spots cleaning up from the fire and will be back out for 2 more checks. 8 told animal control to expect the calls to continue as you’re right about someone following me too closely on Facebook. I’m staying off there awhile.

    • Elisa, just out of interest, why did they take Misty? Was it because she was elderly and declawed and if so that is not a good reason.

      Also, I thought PETA was a private organisation. What powers do they have in respect of the public? What right have they got to come around and interfere as if they are a government (public) agency?

  3. Elisa, I agree with admin. No offense to you, but you publish “everything” on your FB pages. To me it sounds like someone that follows your pages closely may be the culprit. To suggest PETA is behind this is a little far fetched.

  4. Please explain how PeTA’s involvement in the Caboodle raid, or the timing of the raid had anything to do with defeating SB818? The raid took place on 2/27. The bill died on 3/9, but not from a vote. It died due to a technicality in the bill language. Nothing else. You place so much importance on SB818 – what of the companion bill, HB597? I assume you know that in the Florida Legislature it takes two bills to pass new legislation – senate and house? Put the PeTA conspiracy aside. Wear the foil hats if it makes you feel better PeTA is not out to get everyone, just animal abusers.


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