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The Cat Photos I Remember — 9 Comments

  1. Lovely pictures and I too am glad the newly declawed cat in agony is there to remind us that all cats are beautiful and memorable.Awful as that picture is we must never let it go from our minds because that would be accepting the cruelty of the vets who do this and the people who pay them to do it.
    I often wonder how that poor cat is now,if she is still in her home making the best of her deliberate crippling,or in a shelter,or abandoned,or dead?????

    • Thank you Rose for supporting PoC and thinking of this cat. That is good. How is she? Just one declawed cat amongst millions. We don’t know and we should know.

      • Yes millions of cats no one knows how much they are suffering and the vets who do it to them don’t give a damn they keep on doing it to more cats,well one day they will have to stop and I wish it was now.

  2. Mostly lovely photos and the newly declawed cat one sticks in my mind too because it is a heart breaking picture. That cat is equally as beautiful as the others are, yet someone chose to pay someone else to take away some very beautiful and essential parts of her body.
    I’m so glad you are reminding people about her and cats like her Michael.

        • I always said from the start of PoC..

          “My favourite cat is the vulnerable stray cat, who comes to me and in presenting him/herself to me silently asks for help..”

          It is almost the first thing I wrote on PoC, 6 years ago. It is still true despite being surrounded by tons of glamorous cats and 11,500 cat photos.

  3. Michael I really do love the photo articles alot. This was wonderful. Miss Kate is such a beauty isn’t she. I love the traditional Persians – Cristalline is really beautiful. I also like the stray cat. One thing I do love is good photos of cats in the context of their habitats. I also think Magic has a very special face and look – a very strong and proud looking cat in the traditional sense but I like it.

    • Magic is so alert and alive. The wild cat is write large on her expressive face. Cristalline is a Dutch Persian and so sweet looking. Pure charm. The photographer Dani Roseboom has lots of stupendous looking long haired cats and she is a great amateur cat photographer.

      Can you imagine having Miss Kate wandering around your flat? On your bed snoozing with you. I would feel very privileged indeed.

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