The Cat Tease — 5 Comments

  1. Just trying out the add a picture option, this is Jozef having a game of cat tease with me earlier today.

    • You got your picture up! 😉 It is enormous and lovely. One nice thing about cat teases is that they animate a cat. You get that nice engagement and alert eyes.

  2. I don’t know how many cat teases we’ve gone through over the years lol as yes it’s important to let the cat catch it because as with us it would very frustrating if something was tantalysingly dangling within reach but we never got to touch it.
    Walter and Jozef have an ongoing battle of who can bite the tassly end off first lol
    They love to leap on it waggling under a rug too, then drag it out.
    We don’t buy feather ones because they don’t last five minutes lol
    But they are equally a happy with home made toys, even a bit of scrunched up paper tied on string, it’s all about fun to us and honing up their hunting skills to them.

    • I’ve gone through so many – or should I say the cats have. I have found one in particular which is very strong and has stood the test of time. Thank goodness because all the others snap or get shredded which is a shame. The one I have which is working as it should has a solid stick, not hollow and can withstand being bent around – it doesn’t snap – so thats the major thing but also the tease part is strongly attached and doesnt break off. The tease part is also tough by itself.

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