The Cats of the Colorado Floods

How many cats were separated from their human caretakers in the Colorado floods (and dogs)? We don’t know. The media almost exclusively focuses on people at times of natural disasters. I like to focus on the companion animals, particularly cats, to redress the balance.

Here is a fine picture that tells a story about the Colorado cats. I wonder if this apprehensive orange tabby made it back to his family. It is particularly upsetting for a cat to be moved to a different home. You know how hard it is for cats to settle down quickly. They are good swimmers and survivors though.

Coloado cats in the recent floods

Cats of the Colorado Floods. I haven’t be able to discover who took the picture. Sorry. Please come forward.

The rescuers recommended that families evacuate their homes. What could they take with them? A few personal possessions. What happened to the cats and the other animals? In one case a horse was left tied up to a fence with water surging around. Fortunately he was saved.

…As always when there’s a disaster of this magnitude, many animals are separated from their humans or unable to enter emergency shelters with their human families. The Longmont Humane Society is taking in flood rescues and also animals whose people can’t bring them to shelters with them….” (The Longmont Humane Society)

The Longmont Humane Society is one of a number of rescue organisations who are saving cats. They report that they have rescued 133 animals and the number is mounting. There are at least 9 other animal rescue organisations involved, which is very impressive.

The organisations include the American Humane Association and PetAid Colorado. This video give us a feel for what was like:

There are quite a lot of comments about these flash floods being man-made – climate change. And one person quoted the Book of Mormon saying the cause is God’s punishment for the wrong doings of humankind. I couldn’t find a video of cat rescue.

Note: My thanks to DW for telling me about this. She suggested that the September PoC comments money goes to one of the organisations involved in rescuing the animals.

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The Cats of the Colorado Floods — 7 Comments

  1. Thanks for publishing this Michael. When this disaster subsides we will hear many heart warming stories as well as nightmare stories. Many people with pets refuse to go to the shelters because they won’t allow pets inside. Those are the folks I admire and respect. Preferring instead, to find make-shift shelter outside so they can keep their companion animals with them. I would be one of them.

    • Me too Dorothy, Babz and I would never leave our cats behind under any circumstances!
      I think it’s a wonderful idea the September PoC donation going to one of the organisations rescuing animals.

    • Me too DW. I’d find a way to take my cat with me but judging by the stories and pictures it would be very hard and tricky.

      American seems to be getting more extreme weather these days. Scorching summers, hurricanes and floods etc.

  2. My heart goes out to all those affected by the floods ….. what people have to endure is unimaginable especially the loss of their companion animals whether they be feline, equine or canine. Praise to the animal rescuers who put their lives at risk saving those who must be so frightened then reuniting them with their family. My heart would break if I lost my cats especially under such uncertain circumstances……

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